2021 Leaving the Pandemic Behind

2020 – The year no one wants to remember but will certainly be part of our history books as the year when the world came to a standstill. The good news for us is that it’s the beginning of the end is nigh and from where we’re standing, 2021 looks a lot brighter than we would have thought. From the Tokyo Olympics to the T20 World Cup; let’s a take look at it from our lens and see if you feel the same.

1. The Covid Vaccine

The brightest news 2021 has for us comes with the prospective end of the pandemic. The vaccines was developed towards the end of the last year and wide spread roll out starts this year. It is expected that most western countries will have received the vaccine by spring. As for developing countries like Pakistan, the vaccines is expected to arrive late this year. We’re optimistic to return to normality following the end of the pandemic.

2. The rise of the Electric Cars

Increasing concerns regarding climate change have encouraged a move towards electric cars globally. 2021 is the year we go Electric with electric cars being launched by all our favorite automakers: Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Jaguar to name a few. Tesla has taken over Toyota making it the highest valued automobile company. Pakistan is to receive its first affordable electric car, MG ZS EV, this year. The e-car is expected to be launched at 6.5 million PKR which will be a huge breakthrough for the local market.

3. 5G

2021 is the year we move to the next generation of mobile networks. Although the technology has already been introduced, 2021 is expected to bring a widespread increase in adoption of these technologies. 5G doesn’t only mean higher speeds, increased capacity and low latency but it paves the way for development globally. With increased efficiency, we can expect an increase in Artificial Intelligence technologies which has the capability to transform lives.

4. The Crypto Revolution

Economies worldwide have suffered owing to the pandemic. With widespread global recession, the fears of inflation are around the corner. As a result, we see increased investor confidence in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin which provides a safe haven from inflationary pressures and this is reflective of the recent price boom. 2021 could certainly be the year crypto takes over. Pakistan is also expected to reap the rewards of this revolution and move towards legalization of these currencies. Waqar Zaka has set up Pakistan’s first crypto mining farm in KPK with the help of the KPK government and he plans to expand further this year.

5. Blockbusters

A better year calls for better entertainment. There are certain movies which are a hit before then even get to the big screen and luckily for us, they’re hitting theaters in 2021. After nearly a year of staying home, this year is going to have you rushing to the movie theaters. The Fast and Furious 9, James Bond: No time to Die, and Black Widow are just some of the blockbusters expected to release this year.

What are you looking forward to this year?


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