4 Renowned LGS Teachers Including Omair Rana Accused of Sexual Harassment: Check Out DEETS Here!

Omair Rana

Ever since the incident first broke, social media is buzzing with relevant posts as this matter is quite sensitive and associated with our school network and children. Sexual harassment has unfortunately always been a lurking malice that has plagued our society but we as a nation trust our schools, an institution of hope, a place of learning and achievement, to at least be a safe haven for the growth of our future and this is precisely why this particular revelation has grabbed the attention of the entire nation. According to LGS students of 1A1-who were harassed- they have seen experiencing this malicious behavior from teachers since 2016 and finally mustered the courage to speak up on social media.

Following the raised voices against sexual assault, LGS management instantly fired Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh, an A-Level faculty member, Zahid Warraich, also a faculty member, support staff Umer Shareef, custodian staff Shehzad Irshad & suspended the services of the school principal Mrs Shakil, administrator Maira Omair Rana, and coordinator Rubab Hassan. The administration has also made the statement public related to accused teachers to make it an example for the rest of the faculty so that this would happen in future. But is this really enough? Can a simple vanity job, a brush-up, really tackle the scourge of sexual harassment? Will the picking away of a few weeds stem their growth? We think not.

As students were lodging complaints against the aforementioned acclaimed teachers at LGS, many ex-students also accused drama teacher & actor Omair Rana of sexual harassment whilst his wife Maira Omair being eminent part of admin, turned down all accusations by the female students. She supported her husband in this hideous act and silenced the victims. She used to slut-shame the students for wearing revealing outfits and she said to the victims that they should not come to her for their complaints.

One of the students (whose identity we have chosen not to disclose here) has made the following revelations:

So @omairana’s wife Maira Omair Rana has been slut-shaming girls and silencing them since years over being harassed by the male faculty of LGS 1A1. This woman continues to preach “morals” and “ethics” while being a deeply rooted cause of the problem along with Rubina Shakeel 1/2

Omair Rana is playing a role of sexual harasser in his on-going drama “Pyar key Sadqey”. Referring to his role, an ex-student stated on social media;

“It is not a problem for Omair Rana to play a predator in his current drama serial, Pyar Kay Sadqay, as he has personal experience of doing the same for ages at LGS 1A1.”

Students claim that they informed administration about the sexual harassment by these teachers but instead of taking serious action against them, they tend to silent the students by shaming them.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari also took to her social media and stated;

“Have taken note of serious harassment allegations of young girls and women at educational institutions – most recently at two premier private institutions in Lahore. MOHR helpline 1099 is available for complaints & for help. Our regional offices have been alerted on this issue,”

It is surely the responsibility of the school administration to ensure safety for all the students within school premises. Many teenage girls and female staff have been experiencing sexual assault in schools that invariably affects the mental health of students and creates an environment that is unconducive to a child’s development. It seems like renowned school systems have failed to offer what they proclaim.

These teachers have been sending inappropriate private texts and objectionable pictures to their students and if anyone retaliate, she would be threatened in terms of grading by these sexual harassers.

The District Education Authority of Lahore has formed a three-member committee to investigate the teachers at the Lahore Grammar School 1A1 accused of harassing women students. This decision would definitely help to know the real story behind the accusations and if they are accurate… we at Vaqra call for the harshest possible measures available to the State to be used against the offending staff to make an example out of these vile people.

It is our duty as a society to come together to ensure justice for the affected children and family and offer them any support they require to help them get their lives back on track. We cannot afford to let this be swept under the carpet with the passage of time and must make a point of demonstrating that we will not tolerate such barbarism in our schools.


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