The E-commerce Zeitgeist: 5 Pakistani Businesses That Excelled During Lockdown

5 Pakistani Businesses That Excelled During Lockdown

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The world’s developed economies and superpowers have been hit the hardest by the corona virus,  which has wreaked chaos on an unprecedented scale. Many businesses including high-end businesses and brands have suffered the consequences of the pandemic, leading to their closure. Businesses that had various outlets in the world had to shut down their outlets and their employees went through tough times. We have seen many businessmen in Pakistan going bankrupt and experienced job holders losing their positions in days during the course of the lockdown.

The changing world has left us all anxious about these disastrous circumstances where we all were going blindly- with staying alive being the principle driving and motivating force for most- had kept us all on our toes. With the evolving world landscape change has been imposed on us, from online shopping to education, everything in this new world has become digitalized. Corona virus has accelerated the paradigm shift towards the digital realm and has caused many to realize that their means of conducting business was antiquated.

Retail businesses, restaurants and clothing markets in Pakistan have suffered a lot amidst these dark times. It is pertinent to mention that in order to survive in this era, we need to get used to this “New Normal”. Coronavirus has, in Pakistan at least, underlined the fact the future is digital and to survive one must embrace the new digital. Entrepreneurs have definitely learned from these past few months and have shifted their concentration to digital marketing. Focusing more on websites and their social media platforms to attract clientele-which is fair. Whilst the economy was halting and inflation increasing during these unpresented, many businesses flourished, developed and excelled during the pandemic.

Many vigilant entrepreneurs have started off businesses related to pandemic to resonate with the changing situations and they did it brilliantly. As the demand of sanitizers, masks and soaps increased, people invested a lot in manufacturing these aforementioned products. In digital regime, softwares and applications have been introduced by companies to ease people amidst lockdown. The changing economic dynamics have eased new business startups and capitalize in the dark times. OTT live streaming platforms, online education portals, digital content providers, online gaming stacks & businesses like these have gained attention.

Working around new guidelines and restrictions, we have come across some of the applications and online platforms that eased our lives in so many ways. As we were all distant and taking precautionary measures against corona virus, here we are enlisting 5 Pakistani Businesses that excelled during lockdown and paved their way to success and also facilitated us in so many ways;

Grocery Apps:

Grocery applications have been downloaded in abundance by people as they had to stay at home due to the coronavirus. To keep themselves and their families safe, grocery applications were widely used & consequently opening the doors for these organizations to earn and to deliver the groceries at people’s doorstep. To make it somewhat more effective, contactless delivery has been introduced. Renowned grocery malls and grocery stores have jumped onto the band wagon and introduced their applications for convenience whilst new startups like the Lahore based GrocerApp which was founded in 2016 has found its calling during the lockdown, has managed to raise over $1 million in seed funding.

Shopping Apps:

Top-notch brands effectively ran their websites and social media platforms to stay in contact with their customers and provide services. Owing to the changing ways of shopping in past few months, people had no choice but to use shopping applications or retailer apps to get their favorite articles. Daraz & Amazon have earned the most as people shopped through these applications. Vaqra is an upcoming, fashion based social ecommerce app that looks set to revolutionize the Pakistani fashion scene.

Food Delivery:

Pakistanis are fond of good food and tend to cherish it every now and then. During lockdown, as all mainstream restaurants and cafes were closed, people used applications like foodpanda and cheetay to get their favorite delights delivered to their door.


Precautionary measures have been advised by the government to curb the spread of corona virus in the region, for that, sanitizers and masks were recommended. Sanitizers businesses excelled manifold as people started panic-buying that led to it’s shortage.

Pharmaceutical Companies:

Pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies & testing labs were not only surviving amidst atrocities caused by corona virus but also profiting handsomely. The increased price range of basic medications and expensive testing have definitely made this realm-unaffected, at least not negatively by the corona virus.

Business is fickle trade. One must negotiate the turbulent waters of an everchanging world and with every cloud there is indeed a siler lining. Whilst some businesses have collapsed, others have found their calling and managed to make a name for themselves.


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