5 Pakistani Celebrities Couples Who Got Divorced & We Are Still SHOCKED!

5 Pakistani Celebrities Couples Who Got Divorced

The harsh and sometimes bitter realities of life affects each of us indiscriminately, never discriminating between the rich and famous or the poor and ordinary; it is inevitable that everyone has to go through ups & down in life. Besides leading attractive & glamorous lives, celebrities too experience heart break and divorces.

It is evident that we are prone to know about our favorite Pakistani celebrities’ personal lives and how is there love life going-which is quite natural- and if speculated celebrity couple get hitched, then it’s surely a treat for all the fans. In Pakistan, maintaining a proper married life is quintessential and families avoid divorces as much as they can as it ends a family.

Our celebrities enjoy a life of glitz and glam, but their personal lives get affected by their career requirements. Many top-notch celebrities do not enjoy contented married life and eventually get divorce.

Marriage is indeed a sacred relation that requires compromise, understanding and commitment to make it work but it should be from both sides. Pakistani celebrities have also found their life partners within the entertainment realm but still; they couldn’t get along for some reasons.

As things have changed drastically in the past few years, Pakistani celebrities are more open to showcase their relationship statuses rather than hiding them from fans-a wise thing to do- as celebrities’ lives do not stay personal once they are adored by their respective fans. Celebrities do influence people and it allows them to share their personal experiences with fans so that they can learn life lessons and avoid committing the same mistakes.

Divorce is perceived as a taboo in Pakistani culture and it is not affable in our religion as well. People should think 100 times before taking this step as it affects the couple and also families. But it shouldn’t be seen as TABOO. It is an unfortunate incident but life should not stop there. Many Pakistani celebrities married again after they parted ways from their ex and are leading a happy life.

Here is the list of Pakistani celebrity couples who went through this difficult phase and got divorced;

1. Syra Shahroz & Shahroz Sabzwari:

The cutest couple Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Sabzwari had an amazing 7 years of married life but unfortunately got divorced. People think that it’s because of model Sadaf Kanwal- Shahroz’s new wife-but we are unclear regarding the underlying reason.

2. Sanam Baloch & Abdullah Qureshi:

Actress Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Qureshi made a cute couple and married in 2013 but parted ways after 5 years. They were best friends and though that they would have a blissful marital life-in the end it just wasn’t meant to be.

3. Shamoon Abbasi & Humaima Malick:

Actor and director Shamoon abbasi and actress Humaima Malick married in 2010 but got divorced in 2012. The couple super-hot but their marriage life could not stay for long and they parted ways for good.

4. Mahira Khan & Ali Askari:

Mahira Khan ad Ali Askari married in 2007 and have a son Azlan, who is living with Mahira Khan after their divorce in 2012. Mahira Khan has now become diva of the Pakistani film industry owing to her impeccable beauty and astounding acting chops.

5. Mikaal Zulfiqar & Sara Bhatti:

Mikaal Zulfiqar & Sarah Bhatti got divorced in 2017 and have two beautiful daughters. Mikaal Zulfiqar is one of the promising actors of the Pakistani entertainment industry and has become a heartthrob actor within a short span of time.


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