5 Simple Hacks to Make Your Hair Super Smooth and Soft NATURALLY!

Hacks for Smooth and Soft Natural Hair

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Envy the luscious and smooth locks of ace celebrities? Trying to tame the frizz & dryness? Some of us are born with it but most of us use harmful chemicals and heat that damages our hair resultingly. If you are obsessed with your straighteners, curling rods and blow dryers then get ready to relate. When trying to deal with your dry and rough hair, you need to know the root cause of it and nourish your hair accordingly.

For example, if you have lost your scalps moisture owing to extensive use of chemical shampoos or are using too much blow dry, then you have to seriously consider your habits. You can attain your dream hair look by getting a (expensive) frizz-free treatment from salons but it is not worth it as it has side effects-leading to more damage.

Rather than going for those treatments, you should focus on some hair natural treatments that would make your hair healthy and attractive. Desire of getting glistening strands and smoothness intact, you have to put in an effort that has long-lasting effects.

Healthy diet and on point hair care routine is enough to obtain astounding hair look within months. From natural hair masks to regular oiling, every step adds up to your ultimate hair goals. If you are thinking that getting smooth hair is not an easy task then you have to think twice-where there is a will there is way.

You need to be persistent and resilient till you accomplish what you want. Nevertheless, having smooth and shiny hair calls for consistency and the right use of natural ingredients.

Re-consider your shampoos and less use of heat to bring your locks back to life. You can find plenty of tutorials on You Tube regarding the best ingredients to use for hair health. You have to step into your kitchen to get natural ingredients you might be missing in your hair care routine.

1. Say “NO” to Heat:

We know, it’s really hard to keep your hair safe from the heat as we are all obsessed with heating tools including curling rods and straighteners. Here we have to make a choice, whether to go for those harmful tools that would make your hair look lackluster or to maintain the health of your hair. You can use natural ways of getting straight hair and curls via tutorial videos.

2. Natural Hair Masks:

Natural hair masks are the best for your hair for all the right reasons; firstly, they are less expensive to make and secondly, they have endless benefits that would leave you with flocking locks.

Try these natural hair masks;

  1. Egg, yogurt and oil; these three natural ingredients combine together to form a magic potion for your hair in no time and leave your hair with the smoothness and shine you always dreamed of.
  2. Aloe vera gel; extract it from the Aloe vera gel plant and apply it directly.
  3. Banana Pack; mixing banana with yogurt would double the benefits and nourishes your hair.
  4. Mil & Honey; mix these two magical ingredients and get dazzled with the results after a rinse.

3. Hot Oil Massage:

Pick any of your favorite pure natural oils (coconut, mustard, olive, castor or argan) and apply it on your scalp but here is the thing; Lukewarm it first and massage your scalp to optimize its benefits.

4. Silk Pillowcase:

If you are experiencing dry and damaged hair especially in this season, then change your pillow cover and use a silk cover instead. Less friction would help you to have smooth and soft hair!

5. Get Hair Trim Often:

It’s daunting to get a hair trim especially when you are trying to grow your hair but-it’s necessary. Get your hair trimmed after every 2 months at least if you want to get rid of frizz and split ends.


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