5 Trends That are Ruling During Quarantine: Which One Are You Following?? Check Them Out!


Ever since we were confined to our homes, we have come across a number of new trends blaze their way through social media and permeate their way slowly into our lives be it, consciously or unconsciously. From fashion hues to lifestyle routine, everything turned upside down within a few months and it seems we are getting addicted to them. The world has been engulfed by the dangers of the novel coronavirus. Amidst these dark times, when everyone is perplexed and even scared, it’s quite appreciable that people are making the best out of this otherwise bleak situation and brightening up our days with some new trends. Social media has helped us a lot in mitigating and distracting us all from our everyday troubles, providing a means of escape from the anxieties that plagues our everyday lives.

It has been observed that internet surfing has exponentially risen during the course of the lockdowns following the spread of COVID-19. People are taking online classes, looking for respite through the ever reliable Netflix and staying connected with their loved ones during these tough times. Entertainment and contemporary news are all available on social media platforms and by virtue of the technological revolution we, despite the physical distances this virus has seemingly created. we still remain connected and attached to the world outside. Let’s have a quick look at some of the fun activities and quirky trends that have come about during this quarantine and are a true testament to the resilience of man in the face of adversity.

We are going to discuss trends that are burgeoning owing to quarantine!

Trends including fashion, social media and lifestyle that you should know about!

Posting Old Pictures:

It seems the season of nostalgia has gripped netizens around the world, remembering all the moments and those times passed. With heaps of time on our hands, we have all taken to scrolling through our gallery and finding amazing clicks with our friends and family. Throwback pictures on Instagram have been observed as a new trend and people are loving it absolutely!

Casual/Gym Wear at Home:

Pjs and gym wear are setting the style bar high as most of us opt for a chilled vibe to feel comfortable at home. Chic and super cool gym wear have been worn by ace celebrities and eventually, this trend is ruling!


If we talk about how our lifestyle has changed, then the cycling trend says it all! People are gushing over this latest lifestyle trend as it helps them spend quality joyful time along with some exercise to avoid putting on pounds as they stay at home.

Indoor Games:

Family time has always been a scare luxury during our NORMAL busy routine, so this quarantine jas provided us all an invaluable opportunity to get close to our family members and indulge in fun activities with them including indoor games. There’s really no better way of bonding than over a game of ludo!

Seasons (Ertugrul Ghazi):

Netflix & Chill! It used to be our Saturday night activity but as we are all quarantined and work from home, we tend to Netflix whenever we want to. People are binge watching their favorite seasons and how can we not mention Dirilis Ertugrul? Pakistanis are drooling over this series as it embodies the true Islamic values.

Instagram Live Sessions:

Instagram live sessions have been quite helpful and have strengthened the bond celebrities have with their fans, opening the doors of their private lives to give us all a glimpse of the lives of our favorite stars. Celebrities tend to connect with their fans and we have relished every bit of it!


Cooking and baking are surely an art and interesting if you are inclined to it. Not only women, while staying at home, many men learned to cook and have thoroughly enjoyed it!


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