5 Workout Tips to Follow During Lockdown for Instant Weight Loss!

Workout Tips to Follow During Lockdown for Instant Weight Loss

As most of us are confined to our homes pertaining to the corona virus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, many people are gaining kilos because they are not following up their gym routines. Keeping in view the present conditions, there are certain ways by which you can stay healthy and toned while staying at home. If not that hard core exercises that you normally do during your workout session, you can at least manage to do the simple ones. Believe it or not, these simple exercises have huge impact on your well-being. Running and going out for a walk amidst pandemic is also not recommended and not safe indeed. If you are too dependent on your gym trainer for staying healthy and fit, it’s time to change. Not having enough exercise can eventually lead to stress and binge-eating that would ultimately cause weight gain in no time. The most important thing during lockdown is to stay fit and have best physical and mental health.

Not just for the sake of looking good, exercise and working out is essential for keeping your immune system strong to combat corona virus as well. In order to do so, you have to pull off some simple workout routine to exhibit your best version during lockdown.

Here is how you can stay active and take guidance while staying at home!


Yoga tends to help you with your mental health and spiritual well-being but it also helps in losing weight as you make healthy eating choices along with better sleep. Yoga is referred to as relaxing and soothing and fo tthese reasons can have a positive impact on your overall personality. Yoga is a promising way to help with behavioral change, weight loss, and maintenance by burning calories, heightening mindfulness, and reducing stress.


Squats are essential in the process of weight loss and they are easy to do well at home. Squats have some amazing effects on your body!

From building muscle gain to losing weight, this exercise would help you get the perfectly toned body within a few days. It’s proven that you can burn more calories while doing squats than on tread mill.


Planks strengthen up your abdominal body muscle and your spine in particular. It also helps in losing weight depending on your metabolism & body weight. It’s important to maintain good form while doing a plank not only to get maximum results, but also to protect your lower back. Easier to do and effective for weight loss!


As we are aware of the fact that running and a fast walk not only make our metabolism better but it also reduces our weight to a greater extent.


There are many gyms around town that have proper dance sessions for effective weight loss. During lockdown, the trainers are also taking online classes so that people can workout at their homes. Dancing proved to be an effective way for losing weight. The right intensity, music, steps and balanced diet can help a person burn 400 calories during one hour of dancing.

And to have best outcomes from workout and exercises, it is obligatory to have check on your calorie intake.


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