7 Must Have Beauty and Makeup Essentials for the Perfect Beach Holiday Chillout!

7 Must Have Beauty and Makeup Essentials for the Perfect Beach Holiday

As the pandemic situation is easing, we are absolutely aware of the fact that most of you must be planning to travel and refresh your minds. What’s better than to have a holiday at the beach while soaking up the sun and cherishing ocean sounds?

The best part of a beach holiday is that you can relish every moment, wear whatever you want and enjoy nature to the fullest. Besides, beach holidays can provide you the peace of mind you might be needing after this strict lockdown and the catastrophic coronavirus situation. All you need to do is pack your bags, jet off to your favorite beach-be it Maldives or Thailand-take a much-needed break from your work routine. Everyone wants to make their vacy time super luxurious, with less to worry about and allow themselves to be consumed with fun activities. Beaches are proven exotic holiday spots to hangout with your friends and loved ones.

When packing up our essentials for beach holidays, girls are quite concerned about their looks especially when it comes to their Instagram perfect pictures. Moreover, they should also be sensitive about their skins as every environment has a different impact on your skin tone. To protect yourself from scorching sun rays, beach sand and humidity, there are some makeup and beauty essentials that would take care of your skin while giving a beachy glow to your face.

Meticulously going through some of the beauty products, we have come across will help you discover some amazing makeup essentials that will make you become beach ready. No makeup look, keeping yourself hydrated and keeping it casual are basic tips while traveling. Heading to the beach? Pull off a beachy nude makeup with highlighter and moisturizer and let the sun do all the rest. Opt for these exceptional essentials to infuse your backpack with & forget the sun burn, blemishes & horrid skin tone!

List of 7 Must Have Beauty and Makeup Essentials for the Perfect Beach Holiday:

1. SPF Sunscreen:

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Isn’t it obvious to carry sunscreen with you when you head to the beach? But one thing should be considered while traveling that you take small packs of products. Get a tiny tube of sunscreen that you can keep in your pocket or waist bags. This way, you’ll have peace of mind and a lot more room in your bag for other “essentials”.

2. Nourishing Glowing Body Oil:

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Who doesn’t want to get the maximum glow on his/her skin at the beach? A nice glowing oil or moisturizer will give you an exotic feel. Help perk up your skin with the appropriate moisturizer and glowing oils that would not only nourish your skin but also accentuate your beauty. For example


Body Lava Body Luminizer

3. BB Cream:

BB Cream

Leave your heavy foundation range at home because a beach look is all about having that glowy fresh vibe. For that, you might need a good CC or BB cream that would work just fine while keeping your skin moisturized and even toned.

4. Hydrating Lip-Balm:

Asap Lip Balm

Like your skin, hydrating your lips with best lip-balm is quite important. Taking a small pocket lip balm would not acquire much space and it would prove to be quite useful.

5. Waterproof Mascara:

Waterproof Mascara

Never underestimate the power of a good luscious mascara as it curates the accurate makeup look. Pick up a waterproof mascara and consider it your best buddy while on vacations at the beach.

6. Dry Shampoo:

Hairx Pure

Whilst concentrating much on your facial beauty, don’t forget to have nice hair day at the beach. To pull off your hair and manage them accordingly, carry a dry shampoo in your backpack. Breeze, sand, humidity and sunrays can make your hair oily and only way to mitigate this is through the use of a dry shampoo.

7. Hair Styling Product:

Hair Styling Products

Beach waves, light curls or messy hairdo requires hair products including foam, spray or hair styling mouse.


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