7 Skin Care Tips To Follow This Winter Season

Skin Care Tips To Follow in Winter Season

Image Source: Courtesy of Coastal Skin Care

When the wild winter wind blows, it takes away your skin glow and moisture that is necessary for flawless skin. People who are having dry and sensitive skin, during winters they have to keep themselves moisturized to retain the glow. Winter can wreak havoc on skin leaving it itchy, irritated, dry and rough and to combat this issue extra care and nourishment is required for the skin. Even taking hot baths can prove to be damaging for your skin and take away all the natural oils-so a big NO NO to hot baths. There are many products in the market that claim to bring back moisture but most of them are superfluous- and do more harm than good.

A little effort and time can make your skin healthy, shiny and glowing even in the harsh winter weather. Investing in a good humidifier and moisturizer can be beneficial for your skin in order to protect it from damage. “More than anything, making sure your skin stays hydrated during the winter is an important step to ramp up in your skin care routine,” according to one leading dermatologist.

Here are 7 skin care tips to follow this winter season to keep it fresh and rejuvenated;

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

It’s highly important to keep yourself hydrated via consuming water in abundance. If you are hydrated enough, your skin would have that natural glow you always yearn for, therefore, try to make it a habit by ensuring maximum water intake every day, it would definitely work wonders for your skin.

2. High-end Moisturizer:

Good quality products that inculcates moisturizing quotient should be your skin care routine every day. Furthermore, buy a good moisturizer as it helps to restore your skin natural oils and make it shiny. It is suggested to wear moisturizer everyday for better health of your skin in winters. Also, applying oil before moisturizer helps to trap the moisture.

3. Humidifier:

Using a humidifier in your home or office will add moisture to dry winter air and help keep your skin hydrated. Moreover, maintain a normal thermostat within a room as increasing it may lead to drier air.

4. Nighttime Routine:

Never skip your nighttime skin care routine as it proves to be quintessential for maintaining healthy skin during winters. Invest in good night creams and serums, apply it regularly with light massage. You should use products that are more natural and organic rather than going for harsh chemicals.

5. No Hot Showers:

If you are a hot shower lover then you need to change your habit this winter season. To keep your moisture intact, it’s suggested to take a bath with lukewarm water and do not go for hot showers as it can dry your skin.

6. Moisturize Hands & Feet:

Do not forget to take care of your hands and feet as they suffer the most in cold chilly winters. Have you ever noticed dryness on your hands and skin in winters? Tt happens if you do not keep them moisturized and dehydrated.

7. Face Mist:

It’s recommended to carry a face mist along with you when you go outdoors in winters. you can make it with natural ingredients of your choice or with coconut water and green tea in a spray bottle.

Let us know your top winter skin care hacks.


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