All That Glitters Is Certainly Not Always GOLD In The World Of High End Fashion; Here Is Why!

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Everyone these days strives to look their best in terms of style statements and flaunting extravagant brands in order to fabricate their auras to the max. It’s an undeniable fact that people are obsessed with some high-end fashion labels and we can’t blame them as they provide immaculate quality products. Despite the fact that these brands including Gucci, Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Polo, Dolce Gabanna and Prada are based internationally and quite expensive, fashion enthusiasts strive to get these labels somehow.

Designers have crafted out their exclusive designs and grandeur material that highly defines their fashion perception. Fashion models accentuates their aura by pulling off these fashionable style statements and influence fashion ultimately. As people follow celebrities and high fashion brands, they get fascinated with stunning illustrations of these captivating articles. When it comes to revamp the closet, it’s quintessential to inculcate some of the finest pieces from the aforementioned top-notch international brands.

Adorned with luxurious ornaments and fine detailed craftmanship, renowned fashion names certainly know they are high in demand and will be. Exuding exemplary fashion hues and giving perfect wardrobe makeover vibes, we have always been drooling over the enchanting fabrics, leather products and embellished accessories. Speaking of which, have we ever wondered what would be actually happening in their production process? Mesmerized by the storefront beauty displays, high-price tags and enthralling fashion statements, don’t we all get blinded by that much glistering? We do!

Aren’t we just fanatical about fine leather accessories and animal skin made products from these fashion labels? It definitely tempts us as it shows “Class” but we are unaware some of the haunting realities associated with their production. Many precious animals are slaughtered in China to obtain fur every year and laborers are treated brutally in manufacturing factories of these respective brands.

Lately, a documentary surfaced on the internet in which it was clearly showcased that there is indeed a dark story behind the glam showcased on shopfronts. Disturbing & distressing, this documentary has unfolded some of the darkest secrets unknown to most about the fashion industry. The way labors are catered in the factories and are not getting paid for months is surely devastating.

Italy, which is known for its exquisite fashion statements and origin, film makers have unveiled the repellent conditions in factories making leather articles. Top-notch brands hire contractors and sub-contractors to make their garments and accessories. Working conditions and facilities for workers in these factories are wretched.

The worst part is perhaps the use of animals in order to obtain their fur and skin for brand’s products. Cruelly slaughtered and tortured to death, these animals are being used for the fashion industry every year. Leather, wool and fur are used as the most admired material in the realm of fashion. But we might have forgotten its origin and got indulged into our fancy luxurious look.

Glamorized fashion weeks adorned with sophisticated accessories; ace designers have come a long way to serve us some jaw dropping products. Absolutely we can relate to the old saying when we see this truth revealing documentary; “All that glitters is not gold” and the fashion industry is the picture-perfect example to explain this statement.


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