Asim Azhar has been “Friend Zoned” by Hania Amir and Even Wikipedia Can’t Handle It!

Asim Azhar and Hania Amir

While many Pakistani celebrity couples do not shy away on expressing their love for each other explicitly, there are some coveted couples that don’t tend to disclose their personal affairs. Singer Asim Azhar and Hania Amir’s chemistry had been gaining attention for the past year and fans are curious to know about their current relationship status. From cheeky moments on ramp walks to adorable comments on each other’s post on Instagram, the alleged couple made us all swooning over their alluring vibes and fascinating friendship bond. Speaking of which, fans are certain about the fact that there is something brewing between them and they are not revealing it publicly.

However, answering questions of the fans on a live video session, the actress Hania Amir finally opened up about her relationship status with singer Asim Azhar. It’s not the first time she revealed her bonding with Asim Azhar; a few months back she cleared the air by stating that Asim Azhar was just her close friend and she was not dating anyone as she was primarily focusing on her career. Hania Amir also revealed that she was working on a song and Asim Azhar was going to be helping her on that.

After getting trolled on social media, she posted an overwhelming post on her Instagram and left us all spell bounded. This is what she stated;

“Asim is a beautiful part of my life and we have seen some insane times together and we share a bond beyond anyone’s comprehension,”

“We choose to look at and acknowledge love not hate. That being said, we know Pakistanio ka humor acha hai lekin easy hojao. Social media kai troll siphayon. Bilkul free na ho. Aur zayada over bhi nahi. Shukriya.”

Ever since the news broke, fans and twitteratis are in utter shock and trolling Asim Azhar for being friend zoned by hilarious memes. As we all know, Pakistanis are indisputably exceptional in making memes that take over social media in no time (eventually creating hype).

Singer Asim Azhar further clarified in his recent Instagram post regarding the matter and announced his new single “soneya” coming soon!

Asim Azhar

Asim went onto describe his journey in the world of showbiz, detailing both the love and the hate he has received how that has helped him become the person he is today. He tried through his message to school the constant brigade of online trollers the impact of their words and goes onto echo the sentiments of Hania of how their friendship cannot be boxed in by giving it a name.

Asim Azhar

This edited Wikipedia screenshot has been viral on social media and we cannot hold our laughter. Pakistani awam is going crazy over the matter; the trolling on social media crossed all the levels of creativity and we are not complaining!

Tell us what you think about their relationship status in the comments section below!


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