Best Pakistani Upcoming Dramas That are Keeping Us on Our Toes & We Cannot Wait!

Pakistani Drama Serials

We can speculate from the star-cast and storyline of these dramas that they have all the elements necessary to make any drama a hit. Keeping in view all the major hits, we have deduced that the Pakistani drama fraternity has developed magnificently over a short period of time. Vigorous acting illustrations and commendable talent intact, our dramas have enthralled audiences not only in Pakistan but also internationally. Viewers across the border pour in their love and show their overwhelming response for our astounding and relatable content. Lately, Turkish director expressed his views regarding Pakistani dramas and wished to work in collaboration. As we observe lockdown and are surrounded by danger in the form of corona virus, we are more prone to be glued to quality entertainment and the recent spate of great dramas has helped keep us glued to our screens. Our producers and directors have taken this to heart and have served up some mesmerizing content!

Focusing on the storyline and with our favorite actors delivering some memorable performances, they really have played a vital role in making drama attractive for the viewers. As our dramas encompass all the societal issues via manifesting them on the small screen, it is essential to inculcate whatever is required to change perceptions for the betterment.

Here is the list of upcoming dramas that are making us adrenaline charged and, in our opinion, going to impact society in one way or another;

Keeping our fingers crossed!

Rishtoon ki Zanjeer:

Minal Khan and Shahroz Sabzwari are going to share screen once again after their gigantic hit drama Hasad. Minal Khan has been posting pictures in her new character “Rabi” for drama Rishton ki Zanjeer for big bang entertainment.


An exotic storyline that has caught our attention via it’s amazing teasers and star cast. Jalan’s teasers were rolled out by ARY Digital, featuring Minal Khan, Emmad Irfani, and Areeba Habib in lead roles. The drama fascinates us by it’s beguiling story and captivating dialogues.

Muhabbat Tujhy Alvida:

Released it’s trailer on Hum tv, this drama starrers Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Husayn and Mansha Pasha in the lead roles. It revolves around an exquisite storyline that curates a reality that persists in our society. Allegedly based on a traditional Sindhi folk story, this drama looks to be promising.


Featuring Bilal Abbas and Sana Javed for the first time in a drama, it has created hype before it’s release. It would be thriller-based drama and is produced by Fahad Mustafa. We can’t hold our excitement for long!


KInza Hashmi and Aijaz Aslam would be in the lead role in upcoming drama Uraan, directed by Shakeel Shaiq, the drama also stars Adeel Chaudhry, Rubina Ashraf, Farhan A Malhi and Zainab Qayyom and Nida Mumtaz. Taking into account the star cast, we are hoping to have a blockbuster soon!

Khuda aur Muhabbat:

Iqra Aziz and Feroze Khan are going to share the screen in the season 3 of the beautiful drama Khuda aur Muhabbat. The prior seasons have garnered praises of audiences owing to it’s spiritual content that was a true ode to pure love, a love in its purest, rawest and most beautifully transcendental form. While the franchise will no longer feature the dazzling Imran Abbas and the graceful Sadia Khan we hope the new look cast can deliver justice to this great series on what love truly is.


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