Christmas and Fashion

Festive Season’s Biggest Fashion Trends

Winters have always been a season of festivities and joy. It brings Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, and most importantly the beautiful snowfall. Changing weather in the region is revolutionizing fashion and changing the way we dress. Go back 10 years and putting on layers was not at all so hip but if you look at the fashion around you now, it has completely changed. The colder it gets, the more layers we need to put on. Put these layers on in the right way and winters are for you to go out rather than be the stay-at-home ones. Let’s have a look at some of the most hot fashions for this season.


Turtlenecks have always been around going in and out of fashion every now and then. But this time around, the Turtlenecks are back stronger than ever and looks like these here to stay. Going out for a casual meet-up with friends and confused about what to wear? Rock a Turtle Neck with a pair of jeans and sneakers and you’re ready. Or be bold and carry a multi-color look with a blue/yellow turtleneck under a round neck sweater or a cardigan. Going to a daytime wedding? A black on black combination would make heads turn for you. A New Year’s Eve Party? Pair it with a blazer/ leather Jacket and casual bottoms. Turtlenecks these winters are your answer to those long clueless gazes at your cupboard wondering what to put on.

Long Coats

Long coats have been long out of style but given the changing weather, looks like they’re pretty much back in business. Going for a Christmas diner, don’t forget to take that long coat with you because we know this winter’s sure not coming easy on us. An office meeting or just another day at the office, put on a long coat over your suit to give your style a dynamic touch. Not just to work, you can perfectly carry a navy blue/ black long coat over a white shirt and blue bottoms with a pair of beige Chelsea boots.

Oversized Hoodies

Blame/Thank the rap street culture but you see these all around now. The kind of hoodies our grandmas would get us, the kind we hated wearing as kids, well they’re chic fashion now. Now whether its Kyle Jenner taking a flight to LA, Drake in his latest music video, or Kanye West ALWAYS, oversized hoodies are the new street culture. Hate it or love it, we all are guilty to have either owned one of these or be super comfortable in them.

Not all of us spent our Christmas going out, most of us prefer staying home all by our comfortable selves in our PJs and hoodies. If you were one of these and were in an over-sized hoodie at your home, Kudos! you were not completely out of fashion.


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