Coke Studio 2020: Disaster or a new Genre?

Coke Studio

Image Source: Courtesy of Cutacut 

This year’s Coke Studio was nothing like the previous seasons. That’s where we think everybody would be on the same page. But what was different was that only a few people liked the new transition as most categorically rejected it.

Season 2020 was shot on a completely different format this year. Difference being the SOPs that were followed due to the pandemic to keep the safety of the crew intact at all costs, all artists were recorded at different times in the same studio, the international artists actively being involved in the scene, and the biggest transition was the STUDIO. Yes!

The recording venue this season was not a huge state of the art studio with hundreds of shimmery lights glowing all around the performers, no half a mile lit-up stage, no sets, no 20 cameras, it was all minimalistic and real. Yes boys and Girls, it was the General’s Office.

Its Rohail Hayat’s Karachi residence that you see in the videos. The entire season 2020 was shot at his studio in the basement. A place that has long been his den for entertainment. The beautiful house is covered in greenery that is also pretty noticeable in the music videos. The big forest window that is visible in the background attends the sunlight during the day and the lights in the night replicate the sunlight for an overall fresher look. The dark walls of the studio give the place an artistic touch and reflect the captain’s genre. Plants can be seen at almost all tables and window bases. There are guitars hanging – obviously – on the walls and there are a lot of them around the studio.

One of the most iconic things about the studio though are the gold and shimmery elephant masks in the back drop that almost make the studio look something out of an ancient art movie. Another prominent thing in the studio are the coke neon signs. The signs don’t let us forget the roots of the entire show as the venue is different now and we’re so used to watching the coke studio in its usual – lights, camera, stage – habitat.

In an interview, Rohail Hayat, the man behind Coke Studio said

“This is season 2020, not season 13. If that doesn’t say everything, I don’t know what does!”. “It’s actually being called season 2020, it’s not part of the series.”

Coke Studio announced its artist line-up earlier in the last quarter of 2020 and people were excited to see the veteran singers like Fareeha Pervaiz, Ali Noor, Meesha Shafi perform along with new talent like Mehdi Maloof, Wajiha Khan and Sehar Gul Khan.

With all this hard work that has been put into bringing Coke Studio season 2020 to the audience despite so many challenges, the audience still had mix reviews about the show. Atif Aslam opening the show for the last two seasons and being missing in action this year was missed a lot by fans this season. As soon as the first episode of the show went online, people bombarded twitter with their reviews about the show.

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