creating your own fashion empire

Use the rewarding opportunities our app presents
to create your own fashion empire from the comfort
of your bedroom. Creating Your Own Fashion Empire

Use the rewarding opportunities our app presents to create your own fashion empire from the comfort of your bedroom, whilst you stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. Earn easy money and grow your digital shop with us.

Creating Your Own Fashion Empire

You can set up your shop with a few simple steps. Just head over onto the publish page and choose the option “Selling”. Either take a picture or upload a picture from gallery. Once you have taken the picture, give your customers a taste of your product by giving them a detailed and accurate description of the clothing. Select your delivery cost and input the listing price.

Add trending and appropriate hashtags and make sure you link your socials so your friends know what your selling. Remember you can always maximise the outreach of your shop by paying to promote the post.

Don’t forget to connect to your easypaisa/paypal or your bank account to reap the rewards of your shop. Make sure to post regularly and always to prioritise your customers. Sell any fashion related item, create your own unique and Vaqra brand and become a Top Seller. Download our app today and take advantage of our rewarding experiences. Remember this is only one of the many ways you can make money on our app. You can also earn money by:

Creating Your Own Fashion Empire

  • Tagging a brand that Vaqra has a partnership with, will, if it results in sales earn you a 5% commission
  • When you upload a post and you choose the “Post a look” option, if people select the “Stylist” option and end up purchasing a fashion designer then you will be entitled to a 10% commission.
  • Earn money promoting clothes. When you build up enough followers win sponsorship deals to further your Vaqra career.
Creating Your Own Fashion Empire

Creating your own fashion empire: Simple steps to follow to carve your own niche!


Have a dream to build your own brand? Wish to be recognized in the fashion realm as a renowned designer? Afraid of taking those daunting initial steps? Then, it’s high time to let your dream flourish and turn it into reality by effective marketing, exquisite online presence and starting off your own fashion regime.

The journey may seem long but without that all important first step you will be no closer to fulfilling your desire of creating your own fashion empire. It’s just a matter of time and effort you must put into your work and a fledgling fashion clothing brand can find its way to the top within a short span of time.

It’s always quite challenging to start off your own label or brand but with the rise of e-commerce and online marketing has made it easier for everyone to accomplish their dreams by portraying creativity. It simply has never been easier than this! 

Creating Your Own Fashion Empire

There exist so many platforms on which one can carve a niche for their own fashion brand, although this can indeed act as a double-edged knife-with the risk of one getting swamped by the huge volume of small brands now available online. Once you get enough attention from viewers online, you would easily earn money by following some basic steps towards entrepreneurship.

If you are quite passionate about it, you owe yourself to do everything to achieve your desired status in the market. During these dark times, we have learned so far that online businesses and services are the future of fashion and retail. We need to get ourselves prepared and evolve according to the changing world. When you start your business online, you can earn substantial money while staying in the comforts of your own home and is a great way for women to feel emancipated.

Positivity is key but this should not translate into overconfidence as every business journey incorporates ups and downs. Starting your online business from scratch calls for extensive research and grip over your skills. You should have a clear vision regarding what you are doing and what are your future plans.

As a fashion designer or manufacturer, you need to Identify your goal and keep it foremost in your mind as you build your brand. You have to build up your own website and social media account that would give a detailed description of what you are offering. Simultaneously, your marketing strategies must go along the lines of your products and brand’s theme.Beigng Creative with your fashion clothing line woruld not be effective if you do not conscentrate on it’s online marketing to get the needed response, you would not get the profit out of it. you must clearly communicate your key brand message and explain through marketing how your brand is different to the other companies out there.  

Here is when you have to be vigilant and play smart!

Creating your own fashion e-shop requires profound online research and strategies that will help you gain attention of your target audience. For an efficient marketing and e commerce platform, you need to be one step ahead of the game to fabricate your brand in an oversaturated market. 

Once you build up your primary profile on major social media platforms and an elaborative website, you need to use if effectively to attract customers. Link your social media platforms with each other and don’t forget to attach your easypaisa/paypal or your bank account to reap the rewards of your online store or fashion e-shop.

Boost your posts online every now and then with appropriate hashtags and with a clear description of your clothing in the caption. Vaqra app helps you to create your own fashion label and can surely help you earn easy money through digital content creation. You can collaborate with renowned bloggers, influencers and socialites to get shoutouts and in return you can send them giveaways. Before diving into a fashion e-shop and launching an online clothing store, you need to know the basic pros and cons.

Satisfying your customers with quality products would eventually increase your demand in the market. You should be aesthetically exceptional adorned with a catchy logo especially when it comes to online business and fashion e-shops. The more attractive your profile look, the more appealing it would be for your target audience.


Tips you should follow:

  • Shopify and Bigcommerce are great if you’re looking to open a large online clothing store (anything over 50 products), however if you’re thinking of something on the smaller side (under 50 products), Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are good options to consider.

  • Building up your private label online clothing/fashion e-shop company, you must have a reliable printer or clothing manufacturer to supply your store with your designs. When choosing a manufacturer, a wholesale dealer can offer better prices for you.

  • For marketing your brand en-masse, social media platforms like facebook, Instagram and You Tube can be used to get potential customers as all youngsters use these apps almost every day. Try to make appealing and relevant ads to get attention of your target audience. Starting up an online clothing store is a great way to start a business with limited upfront costs. The right kind of strategy, knowing your customers’ wants and establishing a powerful profile, are the key elements to flourish your online business in no time.

  • You might think before starting up any online business that the market is already saturated and there is no way your label would fit in. That’s right! But that should not be the reason to stop you from turning your dreams into reality. Stay motivated and be confident about your passion and talent!

  • Women online clothing can get immediate attention if designs are up to the mark. Even though capturing the small portion of the market, you can gain much profit. For example, you could start off selling dresses for formal occasions and then move into selling high-end fashion accessories. It is observed that women’s clothing have various niches and you just need to focus what niche you can go for. Good luck!

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