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Our aims and who we are

Vaqra is driven by a deep-rooted passion to empower our users by creating a culture of inclusivity. This commitment has led us to establish our own charity-the SJ Hope Welfare Foundation.
Our Foundation wishes to imbue and spread the spirit of compassion and justice as we work to empower communities and help individuals fulfil their potential. We are driven by our goal to stamp out the scourge of poverty and bring relief to those whose lives are fraught with difficulties. We ask you to help us build bridges, to provide the impoverished, the weak, the sick and the marginalised the light of hope that they so desperately yearn for. We ask you to not let their innocent suffering become part of the grey noise you drown out as you continue with your lives. Find it in yourself to draw loose the strings of your purses and donate to your brothers in need and be rewarded in both this life and the next.

Our Work

Our Foundation works tirelessly to offer action with quality, adopting a micro approach that seeks to partner with communities to offer a focused and solution driven approach to local issues. We believe in strengthening communities and to that end ensure we work closely with locals to help identify and then rectify their issues. The Vaqra foundation identifies communities that are in most need of our help and develops actionable agendas to help alleviate their suffering. We send a team of our expert consultants to these communities to work with the locals to identify the most pressing problems before strategizing to find the best and most suitable community driven solutions. We have a simple circle of life philosophy. We through our clinics help nurse the sick back to health, by providing them access to the best healthcare. We provide the youth with the opportunities of a bright future through our free education and help the brightest achieve their dreams through our Syed Scholarship scheme. We help bring communities closer together by building places of worship and giving shelter to vulnerable orphans. Setting up workshops and using local manpower, we teach essential life and work skills to help people become self-sufficient. We support local entrepreneurs through our microfinance scheme, providing interest free loans, to help local businesses thrive and communities to prosper. This simple yet effective model allows us to maximise our impact by strengthening the basic pillars of every society.
Our network of volunteers reaches out to schools and colleges to help raise awareness of our work, to inspire the next generation to get involved and teach them their responsibilities as global citizens.

How you can help

The SJ Hope Welfare Foundation invites you to help us in our battle against poverty. To truly make a more significant impact we require the generosity of the Vaqra community. We humbly request that you help us continue our necessary work and bring a smile to innocent suffering faces. Help us reach more communities in more countries and establish our own emergency response unit to ensure we can get people on the ground to respond quickly to any and every type of disaster. Donate now for a one off donation or become a sponsor and donate an amount of your choosing every month. Help those most in need of our kindness.
If you do not have the wherewithal to aid us in our worthy cause organise or participate in fundraisers. Any and every amount, however big or small, is invaluable to us as we try and stretch our resources to help those who are most in need. If you are unable to raise money yourself, spread the news of our work and encourage others to take the positive action that is so desperately needed to help our brothers in need.