Emily in Paris Review: A Treat for Those Who Dare To Dream!

Emily in Paris Review

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While stranded at your home due to worldwide pandemic, most of you are glued to your Netflix accounts, binge-watching some of the entertaining shows of the year.  It’s perfect time to warm yourself up by cozying up to the perfect Paris vibes, handsome men, chatter about food and fashion via Netflix’s latest in house production ‘Emily in Paris”. Of those who are craving for vacations but are unable to have one, this shows will help soothe your aesthetic senses. Lilly Collins plays the main lead as Emily who gets a job in Paris and a chance to excel in her career. As a social media influencer and media personal she spends her days in Paris hanging around and taking pictures of famous monuments and increasing her followers.

Being American, and much averse to French norms and language of course, Emily puts her best foot forward as a professional in one of the biggest marketing companies her Chicago based firm has just acquired. BTW, the way Emily tried to interpret French words, is quite adorable. Her dressing inspired by designer of Sex and the City, illustrates perfect Paris vibes by infusing French style statements & American glam.

According to an article written by French writer stated that everything is unrealistic about Paris as illustrated in “Emily in Paris” that was a shock, indeed. She absolutely denied all the myths shown in the season. From wearing berets to exuding French people as mean, she denied everything presented. Emily in Paris is one of the most watched seasons on Netflix this fall, even if its bit short of spark. And on reflection, the show packed literally every French stereotypes around the narrative of a naïve and uncultured American girl’s experience in the European hub. Emily has a charming neighbor but instead of hanging out with him over the weekend, she prefers stick to her professional goals. Stereotypes associated with French culture are exuded perfectly and how Emily dealing with them all in the American way of course sets us some comedic scenes!

If you skip focusing on the logical plot and story, this rom-com is quite enjoyable and relish the beauty. One thing we have to admit that Emily in Paris looks great in terms of enjoyable content and Parisian fashion vibes. It does educate many influencers regarding social media use and how to grab the attention of followers. The show’s creator Darren Star (Sex and the City, Younger) keeps the tone light, sparkling and optimistic. Series certainly showcases the romantic side of Paris and French men’s generic behavior with gorgeous women.

Emily’s American ideas of social media seems to be laughable and shocking for the Parisian marketing firm but she is adamant to convince them through her hard work and experience. Lily Collins however performed her character as Emily wisely and effortlessly with great comic timings and on point expressions. Involving breakup and indulging in love triangle, this series serves more than just a Parisian lifestyle and romantic aura.

In short, Emily in Paris has grabbed attention owing to pretty faces, fancy frames, Paris’s impeccable beauty and romantic feels. So if you are up for a light hearted show to brighten up your mood a bit, then this is the show for you!


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