Faith & Fashion: Here is How Religion Influences Fashion Trends!

How Religion Influences Fashion Trends

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Do religious beliefs influence fashion statements? How often do fashion trends evolve due to religious reasons? In an increasingly secular world, we often seem to forget the important religion and culture plays in influencing our fashion choices and the trends that seemingly evolve, or don’t. Living in the world inculcated with different religions and values, believe it or not, they affect the fashion sustaining in any society. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself in the bluntest manner and portray your true personality via your choice of fashion. It’s okay to stay within your cultural and religious limits while pulling off any fashion statements. According to the top fashion designers in karachi, or for that matter anywhere, the relationship between religion and fashion has always been complicated and intertwined.

It usually undertakes such amazing creations that rule the society for years. It is observed that fashion statements and choices define the personality and can shape the way that one is perceived. For instance, some people are more into decent clothing while many fashion enthusiasts may prefer vibrant hues to express their inner feelings. But expressionism is ultimately being at one with yourself. Fashion is a statement. An image of yourself and that means rather than feeling pressured by the standards of beauty that is promoted by the world around us, we need to be comfortable in first answering and then showing what fashion means for us as an individual.

However, there is a strange dichotomous relationship that people perceive-in that you can either be fashionable or modest-an absurd idea that disregards the beautiful work of many designers who have accepted this relevance and come up with some exceptional ideas. The ace designers have managed a way to take fashion and religious constraints into consideration while keeping their customers satisfied. Speaking of which, we have observed customized fully embellished burkas and church attires that are now widely accepted and being pulled off.

Staying true to fashion spirits, designers have been inculcating religious aspects to their fashion collection and making it somewhat more adaptable in society. As we have all seen fashion to be blunt, bold and rebellious, things are going towards a balanced equilibrium in which religious constraints provide the broad framework within which the creativity of designers can flourish.

Many celebrities have been spotted using religious symbols and flaunting them in the form of ornaments or through their tapestries. Gaga has become a very massive fashion icon over the past couple of years. In one of her music videos, she is seen to be dressed as a Pope with an upside-down cross which is the symbol of the rejection of Christ.

In many religious teachings, it is obligatory for women specially to cover their specific parts and its unethical if you not follow these teachings. So it is evident that religion has always been influential on fashion and trends. Considering all the aspects related to religion, in order to smartly rule in the industry and society as a fashion designer, you need to follow some basic rules. Despite of the fact, both religion and fashion are distinctive in their nature and prerequisites, they are closely related and it cannot be denied at any ground.


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