Fashion Police: Top 5 Pakistani Stylish Celebrities to Get Inspiration From!

Fashion Police

Keeping their style quotient up to point and dazzling us all via their exquisite fashion sense in Awards shows as well as at wedding ceremonies, Pakistani celebrities tend to knock us down by their scintillating style statements and valiant stature. Making us all go drool over their commendable acting skills and amazing personification of characters in dramas, we are much prone to know what makes their personalities extravagant. The credit goes to their bewildering sense of style and the way they carry it explicitly on and off screen. Surprisingly, we have seen many celebrities undergoing a makeover and turning into fashion divas in a short span of time to meet the requirements of being a celebrity. These Pakistani divas are not only representing Pakistan overseas but also creating positive image via their personas.

Proving their style stature, we are inspired by a handful of ace celebrities that can pull off traditional and western wear with perfection. Taking into account the contemporary trends, we are amazed to see how our beloved celebrities take their fashion game to another level and win the hearts of millions. Not only are we are going to chose celebrities who are our inspiration this year but also, we will compare them with their resonating western celebrities. Showing to us that they are not less than any Hollywood diva.

Who made it to our cut in each stand-out fashion category? We pick out the stunning looks by celebrities that enchanted us.

1. Mahira Khan:


What inspires us:

Well, there are a lot of immaculate skills that she possesses. Apart from her exotic beauty and acting talent, we are deeply and unapologetically inspired by her style statements. From her trendy traditional wear to western fits, she looks gorgeous as ever.

If you looking forward to having inspiration regarding swag style or street style statements, Mahira Khan is the best inspo for that!

Western celeb style resemblance:

If we compare her style with any Hollywood celebrity that would be Gigi Hadid. Our justification? Well, we have observed the uncanny style resemblance between the two as Gigi is as much into funky yet sassy attires as our Mahira Khan.

2. Sonya Hussyn:

Actress Sonya Hussyn is an institution of style in herself as she portrays bold style statements that many Pakistani actresses cannot pull off!


What inspires us:

She is way too good in flaunting traditional attires and wear them with some exquisite cuts.

Western celeb style resemblance:

Sonya Hussayn’s western style statement resembles that of Meghan Markle. Whenever she dons formal knee length sleek wear it definitely reminds us of the former Hollywood actress.

3. Fawad Khan:


What inspires us:

Fawad Khan has hit the right chord by his captivating performances but predominantly his looks. He has gotten those swooning gentleman vibes that wholly inspire us. If you want to get the spot-on formal suit inspiration, then check out his distinctive style statements.

Western celeb style resemblance:

Speaking of gentleman vibes, our latest Turkish crush Engin Altan surely has the sophisticated style resemblance of Fawad Khan.

4. Aima Baig:


What inspires us:

She has a soulful voice but her fashion sense curates an exemplary look. She knows how to make everyone turn heads by her voguish style.

Western celeb style resemblance:

People tend to compare her style statement with that of Ariana Grande and in our opinion, there is great truth in this comparison.

5. Meesha Shafi:


What inspires us:

From her strong vocals to her robust personality, she has that gothic edge to her that we totally admire. Peculiar in her choice of styling and breaking norms, Meesha Shafi is an inspiration for all those who want to think out of the box.

Western celeb style resemblance:

As quirky as her style statement is, we see in her that Lady gaga vibe!


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