Fashion through the Decades in Pakistan: Let’s Take a Walk Down Memory Lane!

Fashion Through Decades in Pakistan

Pakistan’s fashion industry has evolved drastically in the past two decades and curated its significance in the realm of fashion all across the globe. It’s not surprising at all that Pakistan is known for it’s craftmanship and creative designs along with quality fabric worldwide. Evolving women fashion throughout the past decades in Pakistan, we admire every silhouette pulled off by ladies of that era and those alluring fashion statements come back merged with new ones. People are obsessed with vintage and classic tapestries projected by modern women of every decade. The culture, religion, geographical stature & lifestyle says a lot about the contemporary fashion trends followed by the netizens. Pakistani fashion has always been influenced by true cultural prospects, social values and religion. Fashion is always impactful in society and illustrates the certain values of the region. As we witness it to be a widespread business genre in Pakistan, designers have been launching their well-crafted masterpieces in the form of a collection meticulously and we are absolutely not complaining!

Back in the days, there were fewer designers, each working diligently to serve Pakistan’s fashion industry with sheer devotion. To name a few, Sughra Kazmi, Pakistan’s bridal designer, was the first person who was acknowledged and commended as a fashion couturier in the 1960’s. Maheen Khan also started off, showcasing her exemplary designs and marked her name as the renowned Fashion designer of Pakistan. Gharara suit had been trending which was initially set by Begum Raana Liaquat Ali Khan and Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah. This traditional outfit made a comeback several times and is still applauded by women with a good taste in fashion. The short Kameez with calf-length trousers were also trending and soon after that sarees gained popularity with demure of grandeur styled cuts.

Pakistan Old Fashion

Contrastingly, the 70’s era was somewhat more glamorous and influenced by pop-culture as all wild prints and loads of embroidery. Maxis and knee-length kameez were quite in and we have relived this trend in this era through the creativity of our ace designers.

Heading to 80’s & 90’s time period, these decades were clearly influenced by movies & dramas. Considered to be the golden era, fashion trends had been followed by all modern women and on top of  that, Nazia Hassan came forward as a famed style icon. The most common things that were in fashion in the 1980s were shoulder pads that were used to create a straight and wider look. In 90’s, it was all about glitz and glam as banarsi saris and chiffon saris ruled the fashion market for decades and continue to do so.

Nazia Hassan

As the millennium changed and 2000 kicked off, we experienced a revolution in fashion style statements as well and totally influenced by western culture and widely accepted. Designers and brands were acknowledged by people at large scale. One of the pioneers of the fashion industry in Pakistan namely Frieha Altaf stated “In the early 2000s, there were very few checks and balances. This was the time when fashion truly mushroomed from a cottage industry to a fully-fledged business employing thousands and bringing in profits.”

Pakistani fashion arena blossomed in this particular decade and grabbed the attention of fashion fanatics not only within Pakistan but internationally as well. Till 2010, Pakistan’s fashion quotient raised manifold 2000 witnessed the inflex of exotic fashion trends. From traditional embroidery peshwas and frocks to western chic outfits, we are still under the spell of those fascinating silhouettes and luscious style statements.

Let us know in the comments below your favorite style profile. Which decade would you pick if you were to have a wardrobe makeover?


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