Here is How Sindhi Culture is Influencing Our Modern-Day Fashion!

Sindhi culture has inspired many ace designers of fashion arena as they imbued traditional cuts that resonated with Sindhi clothing hues. Overtly exuding the classic traditional styles of Sindhi wear, Pakistani designers have merged it with modern silhouettes that reinforces the glamour and grandeur of their finest collections. Sindhi women wear the Shalwar kameez or the sari and the men wear the shalwar kameez or the kurta with pyjama. However, before the adoption of the Shalwar kameez, the sari and the kurta was further accentuated with Ajrak (a fine printed shawl with peculiar designing). Sindhi Culture has widespread influence on the fashion of every era as it depicts the true essence of cultural heritage.

Women mostly wear lehenga cholis with ornaments to fabricate it further whereas men wear wide shalwars -a style adopted from Iraq- paired with koti that has mirror work mostly. Sindh has its own variety of hat- the Sindhi caps adorned with mirrors and knick-knacks. Having intricate embroidery, dazzling artwork and execution of perfect traditional look, Sindhi culture has left its mark on accessories including handbags, wallets, jewelry, Shoes (Sindhi Khosas)and household decorations.

Moreover, the distinct yet beautiful Sindhi language and dialect set them apart from the rest and depicts their culture to the fullest. Folk songs and cultural festivals are held to revive the essence of Sindhi culture across the province. All Political, social and religious organizations of Sindh, schools, colleges and universities, organize variety of events including seminars, debates, folk music programs, drama and theatrics performances, to depict the Sindhi culture with magnificence.

Pakistani fashion especially Sindhi cultural signature styles have been exuded at many gigantic platforms. One such example is a fashion show held in New York in which a brand displayed Ajrak style valiantly but did not give credit to where it’s due. The brand name it’s collection “Brick Multi”!


The Fashion industry has brought back indigenous designs and played it along with modern-day fashion craftmanship. And we must admit it always turned out be somewhat exceptional!

Here are some collection showcases at Fashion shows that were based on Sindhi culture utterly and altered our fashion trends!

Nomi Ansari:

Nomi Ansari showcased Sindhi Culture in his ‘Kaleidoscope’ collection in 2019 FPW. His collection demonstrates the vibrant hues with captivating ornaments and exquisite Asian edge to it. Attires were highly embellished in accordance with the Sindhi cultural hues and justified the theme absolutely. Maya Ali was the showstopper for Nomi Ansari’s Sindhi collection!

Sindhi fashion show 2014:

Many aspiring designers of Pakistan come upfront and showcased their colections based on Sindhi culture and paid tribute to the ancient civilization. Designers exhibited ancient Sindhi designs and merged it with contemporary fashion so that it can be pulled off in the perfect way.

Fashion style statements inspired by Sindhi culture are as follows:

Wide shalwars with short kurtis:

If you remember when wide shalwars were quite in and stayed for long, that was indeed inspired by Sindhi cultural illustrations.

Sindhi cultural jewels:

Sindhi jewels have been pulled off by many women in today’s era owing to it’s unique craftmanship and vintage edge predominantly.

Ajrak Prints/Kurtis:

Ace brands of Pakistan got deeply inspired by Ajrak shawls usually worn by Sindhi Men and women. They designed many kurtas and shawls resonating with the Sindhi Ajrak and ruled the fashion arena for quite some time.

Sindhi khosas:

Khosas can never go out of fashion when it comes to traditional wear and Women tend to wear it with modern hues as well.

Sindhi handcrafted bags:

For many years, girls were obsessed with traditional Sindhi wallets and handcrafted bags.


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