Holiday Ideas for a Covid-19 Summer: Make this Summer Season Joyous to the Fullest!

Holiday Ideas for a Covid-19 Summer

Acknowledging the fact that most of our vacation plans this year have been thrown into disarray due to the rapid spread of the deadly corona virus all across the globe. Many of our favorite vacation destinations have suspended flight operations to stop the spread as the pandemic continues to claim millions of lives. With gatherings forbidden, pools closed, travel restricted & festivals cancelled, it’s time to change our dynamics regarding vacations especially and redirect it according to the changing world. Traveling around the world to get away from our mundane daily routines and relish the summer holidays with sheer enthusiasm is the foremost option but amidst these dark times, it is not definitely not a good idea!

There is always an alternate or plan B and that’s where we need to shift our focus. Look closely to the other opportunities that would make your leisure time somewhat memorable. If you are not that much of a traveler freak, then you can absolutely enjoy company of your loved ones in your backyard party as well. Plan a savory BBQ night or movie night every Saturday eve, remembering to keep your style game on by dressing for the occasion to get an exciting vibe. Or you can opt for some fun activities with your friends from practicing photography and water splashing to learning different outdoor sports that can make close-to-home leisure time more meaningful.

Whenever summers begins, our expectations and excitement related to it elevates and we tend to plan it with utter zeal. However, this year, it’s all about staying home and staying safe without much socializing. There are certain ways by which you can absolutely enjoy this COVID summer holidays and don’t let this pandemic take away your positivity and celebrations.

Travel Where Possible:

Many European countries have lifted bans from international flights now as the situation of pandemic in their region is easing. There are a number of countries that are offering travel and tourism that may change as the situation develops. If you can’t stop yourself from traveling amidst these crucial times then you should take some precautionary measures and consider countries like Georgia, Greece, Portugal, Poland and Austria, as they are reopening their borders for foreigners. Remember to follow up on the latest travel advice for each country before making any plans.


Road Trips:

Road trips during lockdown and quarantine is the safest way to spend your Holidays whilst keeping your mind fresh. Hit the road with your family or close friends and travel to any mountainous areas or any city nearby to experience change. Long drives and road trips are the best alternate that you can easily pull off. Enjoy the beauty of the northern areas and make some great memories.

Road Trip

Backyard Plans:

Staying home and enjoying your holidays within your home premises is surely the safest thing during the pandemic. Plan a small backyard party that involves dinner, chit chats, personal experiences and may be concluded it with an interesting movie hour.


Family Sports Day:

It’s obligatory to take care of your fitness routine during quarantine as staying home all day can lead to binge-eating. To keep yourself and your family active, you can plan some new outdoor games like badminton, volley ball, table tennis or any other outdoor sports you always wanted to learn.

Let us know in the comments below what you plan to do this summer!


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