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Medical Division

Quantum Radiology Solution (QRS)

QRS is the sole, exclusive technical partner for all current and future CMA complexes and CMA Hospitals. QRS is solely and exclusively responsible for the provision of all radiology and Interventional Radiology (IR) solutions in Pakistan in the capacity of a brand partner. QRS is responsible for the provision of all technical staff and services for all CMA Hospitals for which a charge will be levied on a fee-based structure. QRS is responsible for the sale and provision of all and any kind to all CMA Hospitals who will be mandated to exclusively purchase/procure all such items from or through QRS. QRS is a licensed insurance provider for medical equipment and will insured all equipment purchased/procured from or through QRS to all CMA Hospitals. QRS will also provide insurance to all medical equipment at any hospital irrespective of whether it was responsible for its supply.

I&R Medical

Based in the heart of London, just off Great Ormond Street Hospital, I&R Medical is led by a team of renowned doctors that play a key role in directing medical research, helping produce leading academic papers published in leading journals around the world. We provide a range of services including but not limited to:
• Provision of General Consultancy Services
• Wholesale Medical Distribution and Supply
• Recruitment and Headhunting
• Medical Research
• Managing 2 clinics

Vaqra Medical

Vaqra Medical coordinates our medical operations in South Asia. We were recently appointed to the board of the Interventional Radiological Society of Pakistan (IRSP) and provide numerous services, including but not limited to:
• Among the top 10 largest medical importers in
• Wholesale Medical Distribution
• Pharmaceutical Distributor.
• Manage 3 clinics and 1 Diagnostic Lab.
• Facilitating Medical Conferences.

Our Purpose

Vaqra is a forward-thinking multinational company with a dedicated and fast-paced team that aims to deliver a unique quality service to our clients. We are inspired by a singular vision to become a one-stop hub for all things health and lifestyle-related. Think lifestyle. Think Vaqra. Our brand understands the needs of the contemporary cosmopolite, aiming to build a brand that resonates with life in the 21st Century. Vaqra.

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