The World Behind The Camera: A Sneak Peek Into The Life On Set

When you see glossy exotic fashion pictures on magazines like vogue and paparazzi, you might have wondered how these shots were taken? What you see, is the hard work, passion and professional work of the whole team behind the camera. From planning to execution, everyone plays their role in fabricating an extravagant fashion shoot that dazzles the fashion fanatics. It’s definitely not an easy task to turn your imagination and creativity into reality that also tends to influence the fashion realm.

A professional fashion shoot takes place when you have a great team behind the camera including but definitely not limited to photographers, models, make-up artists, hairstylists, director, producer(s), storyboard maker, set designer, light-man and fashion stylist. Every person in the team knows his work and is an expert in their respective field. For a fashion shoot to come out as expected, people behind the camera strive to showcase the dynamic illustrations in front of the lens.

Fashion Shoot

One wrong perception that we all have regarding fashion shoots is that all it takes is some pretty faces coupled with pretty clothes -absolutely contrasting to reality. It requires adequate and professional work of fashion stylists and photographers’ immaculate skills to capture the best shots.

Methodical research before stepping into the fashion shoot arena is quintessential as you can play with angles, props and practicing on your virtual aesthetics-at the end of the day, it matters. Curating an ambiance by assembling all the pivotal elements together for a fashion shoot, results in a fine yet exotic outcome. Attention to details is the main key for any high-end fashion shoot. Closely looking into the work of astounding photographers and stylists would help to add in your virtual aesthetic sense perpetually.

Fashion Model

Thinking of the factors that have a major influence on fashion shoots, we have come across the responsibilities of the personnel behind the camera. Using new technology and experimenting with your techniques would make your shoot stand out whilst hitting all the right chords. Fashion shoots inculcate versatility, creativity and breaking the norms, so in order to stand out in the right manner in front of the lens, make sure to have an active team that are nimble on their toes.

Creating your admirable fashion shoot is a coup for the team a true team project.

Taking notes of what would add up or ruin your fashion shoot, we have to delve into the situation to analyze what actually happens behind the camera!

Professional Photography:

Having the perfect angles is necessary for an astounding fashion shoot. To curate your desired outcome, it is obligatory to have a professional photographer on board who has exceptional talent and skills to make it all majestic by his lens. Adjusting the lens and settings according to the ambiance and theme of the fashion shoot adds up to the beauty.

Professional Photography


The light-man plays a significant role in accentuating the environment and fabricating the look by setting lights in place. The source of light is very important in enhancing your subject whether it be model or designer wear. Professional use of lights and reflectors can make a huge difference!

Professional Photography Light

Storyboard & Mood Boards:

Planning, assembling and execution of the shoot requires proper mood boards and story boards. To make the fashion shoot run smoothly, rightly made story boards are important as you can pay attention to details. From having proper layout of makeup and kind of shots during the day, this sequence will help you out in execution.

Fashion Stylist:

A fashion stylist can turn the look of the fashion shoot by his profound skills. You can clearly see the difference in the shoots if they had fashion stylists or not. As aforementioned, just pretty faces and pretty dresses are not needed to make it all work, you need to fancy it with resonating props and styling. Fashion stylist can make perfect look for the fashion shoot requirements along with makeup artist and an art director to create the perfect set for the perfectly styled models.

Fashion Stylist


Scouting the perfect location according to the theme and concept of the fashion shoot is so important indeed. Whether it be indoor shoot or outdoor locations, picking up the perfect location elevates the look of the shoot.

Call Sheet:

To make it all more professional and organized you need to have a call sheet which we see normally behind the camera, illustrating the respective duties and timings of the shoot.

To go into the complexities of shoots, the chaos, the fun and occasionally even the stress would be a little too much for the remit of this article. Just know-a heck a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to deliver to you your favorite clothes that help revamp your closet.

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