Face Mask Ideas: Here is How to Integrate Face Masks Into Your Style!

How to Integrate Face Masks Into Your Style

The present condition of today’s era demands necessary precautionary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from the widespread epidemic. As the world is facing the worst calamity in recent memory, it is the need of the hour to be vigilant pertaining to our health in particular. During these dark times, it is obligatory to take precautions that include face masks, sanitizers, social distancing and washing hands frequently. Many ace brands including clothing lines have initiated making patterned and design masks, helping us in sustaining our style statement. Lockdown in Pakistan has been lifted but government is taking serious actions against those who are not following SOPs. The coronavirus has claimed millions of precious lives in the last few months and the only way to stay safe is to wear masks. But if you are concerned related to your fashion hues and don’t want them to get ruined, pair it up with adorable designed masks.

Who could have gotten the thought of wearing mask as fancy accessory in 2020? But here we are! The virus is shaping up to be a major challenge to the fashion world, influencing fashion choices and collections alike. The Pakistani fashion arena has risen to the occasion and has provided embellished and printed masks inculcated in their latest collections. We have witnessed many designers who launched their new collection at the virtual fashion show 2020. Ayesha Omar pulled off silver tone wedding dress by designer Shehla Chittoor at said fashion show, with a Kamadani lehenga choli on which she also wore a mask adorned with jewels. While top notch designers, Adnan and Ansari’s also fabricated intricately embroidered and heavily studded dresses paired with fancy masks, headbands and gloves. You can simply get your favorite designed masks from these acclaimed designers or you can order some online.

As we are all in this situation together, we need to get onboard the bandwagon and adapt according to the on-going scenario as soon as possible.

We have enlisted some of the coolest face mask ideas that would surely not diminish your fashion statement!


Khaadi is a renowned eastern clothing brand in Pakistan that has attained an eminent stature in fashion arena owing to its contemporary modern cuts and style statements. Khaadi has recently introduced new category named Face masks, where you can find some cool and adorable face masks in minimal price range.



Another Pakistani clothing brand Generation has come up with an exciting range of vibrant face masks taking into account the present conditions. You can buy it from retail stores or online!



Alkaram launched face masks for both kids and adults. Alkaram’s face masks are in matte and come in packs of 3 and are reusable. Furthermore, the price of a package is just a paltry Rs. 150.


Huma Adnan:

Having two layers of fabric and made from 100% cotton, Huma Adnan has launched face masks that are worth having.  According to Huma Adnan, the heavily embroidered masks are for parties. There are lightly embellished cotton ones as well, and then cotton block printed masks for regular use.

Ali Zeeshan:

Ali Zeeshan has mixed different embroideries for his face mask collection. He is making masks for weddings as well as daily use. Kudos to that!


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