How to Spot Whether You are Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

It’s completely understandable to develop feelings for the opposite gender friend and particularly so when they are your best friend. Spending much of your daytime with them or even interacting continuously for years or months can lead to the sweet feelings of love developing. Speaking of which, falling in love happens when you have strong feelings of admiration and attraction to someone you care about. For the sake of argument if we say that it is mere dependency or addiction to each other’s aura, even then that in itself can be indicative of the fact that you have taken the first steps towards love. The question is: what if you fall in love with your best friend and you are not focusing on the signs? The best thing about being best friends is that sometimes they are more connected and in sync with each other = than a couple who dates. It is this proximity that often however prevents them from being cognizant of their love for each other.

It is true that we are our true versions in front of our besties and feel comfortable around them-more than our better halves sometimes. Things might can get complicated for both if one of them started off their dating life and sometimes the lines begin to blur. It is time to identify where you stand in your close friendship with the opposite gender. Like whether you should pursue it as friends or call this relationship by a different name. You might not know that you are developing a crush on the person, becoming so used to their companionship that life without them becomes unimaginable. When someone new enters their lives it may become unbearable to watch them drift apart and it is often a few key missteps that can lead to heartbreak or end of years of friendship. So you better watch out and notice those signs as soon as possible!

Here are the subtle signs that might help you decide where you actually stand!

First go-to person:

There are certain circumstances in your life that you can’t share your feelings and anxiety with anyone except the person you trust the most-your best friend. He/she understands how you feel even by seeing your facial expressions and is always there for you no matter what. You can be vulnerable in front of your best friend and spill it all out without even giving it a second thought.

Jealousy (when other one date):

This, in particular, has been observed a lot in a best friend duo. If one of them started dating and seeing people, the other one feels insecure and jealous to see them having good time with others. This is a clear sign that you are in love with your best friend and should confess as soon as is possible before it is too late.

Miss them when not around:

If you have not been talking to them for quite sometime then you might start missing their presence and availability. Even though you might try to replace them with other people no one can fill up that gap. That’s another visible sign that you are falling for your best friend and cannot associate that same feeling or give the same significance to anyone else.

Make you happy every time:

When you feel down due to some reason or feel agitated at times, that one person who knows how to trigger your happiness is indeed your best friend. Knowing everything about you, they bring positivity and merriment even in your darkest times. If you feel happy when they are around and do not feel the same with other friends or even with your boyfriend/ girlfriend, then it’s time to contemplate who the real love of your life is.


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