Inspired by Dirilis Ertugrul’s Fascinating Costumes: That’s How Much They Have Influenced Turkish Fashion!

Dirilis Ertugrul

Muslims had a glorious & magnificent past especially during the era of the Ottoman empire, where our great Islamic values were prevalent and predominant around the world and where the Muslim world flourished under the stewardship of visionary leadership. Ruling over large swathes of the world for centuries, the Ottoman Empire engraved it’s mark in history as the most glorious time period for Muslims. 600 years of existence, the Ottoman Empire has left a deep legacy in the Middle East as can be seen in the customs, culture, and cuisine of the various countries that were once part of its realm.

Certainly, it is evident by our distinguished history that we as Muslims can achieve the impossible if we diligently practice Islamic teachings and inculcate it into our present political & administrative systems. Turkey’s entertainment industry has recently under the leadership of Erdogan been at the forefront in reviving the Islamic history via dramas and made us all swooning over their captivating content. Amused by their craftmanship, storyline, well-scripted, detail oriented and finely characterized dramas, not only Muslims, but people all across the globe gets inspiration and leaves everyone aghast!

Dirilis Ertugrul was not the first production that stunned everyone at large scale. Prior to this, Hit Turkish drama series Muhtesem Yuzyil immersed viewers owing to it’s amazing storyline and Turkish traditional style statements. Agree or not, we are quite obsessed with the grandeur yet classy fashion statements and deeply inspired by their sheer opulence. Dirilis Ertugrul portrayed the fashion statements of 13th century and how they used to don attires according the situations consequently!

Here we have observed over some of the trends that were followed by 13th century Muslims via this enthralling drama series DIRILIS ERTUGRUL and how much it has influenced latest Turkish fashion statements!

Throughout these years and change of eras, the Turkish fashion has evolved manifold and nurtured by European influence as well. Fashion illustrates the culture, perceptions and notion of any particular region. As we have seen in Turkish dramas, the clothing style statement has gotten a lot of influence from western world. Taking into account the recent fashion weeks held in Istanbul, it surely gives us sheer glimpse of the past and portrayed its true color.

Let’s examine some of the attires presented by Turkish designers that gives us nostalgic vibes utterly!

Female Model

Combining the vintage era’s stylish hues in modern cuts, enthralled us wholly and the creativity of the designers that bring into play their jubilant talent. This outfit is a semi-formal apparel that made us walk down memory lane as fancy royal style resembles ancient fashion hues.

Turkey Fashion Models

Playing with subtle color palettes and keeping the sophistication intact, the contemporary fashion statements reflects a lot their cultural heritage, floor touching maxis and gown adorned with floral work and jewels accentuate the Turkish vibes to the fullest.

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

Bejeweled with sparkling accessories and fine modern cuts, these trendy fashion statements perfectly define their enthralling old-fashioned era. Some of the style statements resembles fashion hues from Dirilis ertugrul.

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

These semi-formals are adorned with resonating gowns and floor touching maxis to go with. Modern hues are perfectly merged with their origins.

For more of the latest Turkish fashion updates, check out this amazing Istanbul Modanisa Fashion week 2019!


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