Iphone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20: Which Device Should Be Your Pick?

Iphone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20

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Hasn’t it become the norm to compare Android vs Apple every year? 2020 is no different!

The two pre-eminent mobile companies Apple and Samsung have recently launched their most anticipated large screen smartphones. These brands have always been compared in terms of specs, features and durability. Iphone 12 pro max and Samsung Galaxy note ultra 20 have amazed the consumers pertaining to elegance large screens & top-of-the-line specs intact. There are various features that are imbued in Samsung devices but not in Iphone luxurious phones, making the former more convenient for users.

However, when it comes to class and professional specs then clientele choose Iphone to make their work more comprehensive. With the launch of the most anticipated Iphone pro max 12 adorned with astounding features, the question arises if it’s going to stack up against its rival namely the Samsung S20? Undoubtedly, Iphone pro max 12 & Samsung S20 are both very powerful especially in their respective lines and will impress any user that picks them up.

We are going to discuss some fundamental mobile features of these flagship devices by the two gigantic mobile companies; Apple & Samsung. Here is a comparison of  Iphone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20:

Display and Screen:

The display screens of both the phones are amazing and serve the extravagant look we all yearn for. They are best to use under harsh sunlight. But Samsung’s panel refreshes at twice the speed of Iphone 60Hz panel. Despite of this fact, Iphone is much smoother and more convenient. Professional animations can be done on both these aforementioned devices.

Overall look of these smartphones are quite similar, though the S20 is fractionally wider, longer, and thicker at 6.0 by 2.7 by 0.31 inches (HWD) compared with the iPhone’s 5.8 by 2.8 by 0.29 inches.


In terms of camera specs, there is nothing more than Iphone handsets and everyone seems to be obsessed with their results. The iPhone 12 Pro has a 12MP wide sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP telephoto rear camera. While Galaxy S20 Plus has a main 12MP camera in the back, along with an ultra-wide 12MP sensor. No matter which device you opt for you are going to have exceptional results.


Where as the prices of these flagship devices are concern, they are as following according to GBs;

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

128GB – $1,199/£999/€1,009

512GB – $1,349

iPhone 12 Pro

128GB – $999/£999/€1,159

256GB -$1,099/£1,099/€1,279

512GB – $1,299/£1,299/€1,509

Design & Shape:

Samsung s20 borrows most of the features from its 2020 series and previous notes. The metal and glass build screams premium, while the Gorilla Glass Victus panels on the front and back should keep the phone from scratching. In contrary, Iphone pro max 12 has a premium feeling matte glass whereas Samsung has q plastic back. Despite of the fact that Samsung S20 is larger but it fits perfectly in palm owing to its curving shape but Iphone 12 pro max has a boxy design. With 6.9-inch display screen it seems like Samsung S20 has beaten Iphone’s 6.7-inch screen.


Samsung S20 has better battery life apart from the fact that it has faster refresh rate. It has over 14 hours while the iPhone 12 did not make the full 14-hour day. But one feature that keeps Iphone apart is that it never hangs.


Newly launched Samsung S20 has the fastest processor in androids so far & you’ll get a whopping 12GB of RAM with the phone-which is a treat for sure. The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with the company’s latest processor, the A14 Bionic. Apple also bumped the RAM up to 6GB with the 12 Pro Max.


So, if you are still in a fix whether to buy Apple or Android, then you need to just focus on your priority as both phones are powerhouses. There is no winner as both these flagship smartphones serve different clientele.

Let us know which are you-a Samsung or Iphone fan?


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