What Lies Behind the Glitz and Glamour Life of Fashion Model: These Facts Would Shock You!

Life of Fashion Model

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Being a top-notch fashion model, grabbing the limelight and relishing the glistering moments, that’s what every struggling model wants to attain. All the glitz and glam associated with the world of fashion as shown to us time and time again on TV, social media and elsewhere is enough to make anyone mesmerized and persuade them to follow suit. Life of fashion model is very challenging. A fashion model curates the perfect aura imbued with fine craftmanship of ace designers. From getting an amazing body shape to attractive face features, being a fashion model requires much more than just a pretty face.

As the fashion perspectives have been changing for the past few years, the definition of beauty is also evolving with time. Even if you have what it takes to be a fashion model, there is long journey ahead to be acknowledged. Having a refined professional attitude and the stamina to endure grueling hard work during shoot hours, are some of the requisites to make your mark in the industry. Judging the life of a fashion model would make you drool over their glamorous world; wearing the latest collection of designer clothes, loved by everyone and all that while making money-who doesn’t want that?

Influencing fashion by their exceptional makeover, fashion models serve us with exotic looks and versatility. Flashing camera lights, being at the cover page of renowned magazines and worldwide travel captivates us absolutely. A life of opulence, grandeur and envy, admired by a lot of struggling models and to become one super model, years of struggle and endurance is required. Besides, they don’t get paid that much as expected and end up indebted to their modeling agencies. Female models are paid more than men, so if you are trying to break into modeling realm-you might be able to pay your bills.

Fashion models have to go through many hurdles, harassment & financial instability. The fashion arena is full of uncertainty and leg-pulling, designers and models should have the capability to deal with the changing circumstances and to stay strong. Nowadays, social media platforms are grabbing everyone’s attention and they portray their views freely by exuding their exclusive style.

The Insta feeds of many of our favorite models fails to highlight the issues prevalent in the industry and serve to merely act as a snapshot into their best life without shedding any light on the years of struggles and effort required to ascend to the top of the precarious world of modeling.

Prevalent Realities Related to Modeling are as Follows;

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment has been observed in the fashion arena for so many years now and models have gone through this torture within their professional career. Whether it be males or female models, harassment has been faced by all fashion models at one point or another. Many horrifying clichés have been associated with the fashion industry and though things are slowly changing for the better due to better awareness and greater accountability, there is more than a grain of truth to these common conceptions about this industry.

Body Shaming:

Fashion models have to take care of their physiques and keep them in perfect shape by vigorous exercise and diet. To get work in fashion realm you have to be in great shape otherwise you can be a victim of body shaming. This is now compounded by the realities of social media, with legions of keyboard warriors ready to jump on any infraction on the part of models.

Age Factor:

Once you are over a ccertain age and you tend to gain weight, no matter how much fame you got, your career is over.  Age factor counts a lot in fashion industry as it is all about beauty and youth.

Not Paid Much:

If you are considering to earn your bread and butter solely through modeling, you have to think twice. Modeling is a profession where you would only be paid when you are top model and brands are seeking your aura.

Working Continuously:

Apart from being pretty and having the perfect body shape, models have to work for hours to get the desired results. Being professional and on time, are absolutely key elements in modeling arena. Shoots can be long and tiresome affairs-with periods of long inactivity and boredom.

All that glitters is not always gold. The photos in front of the camera mask the murky realities of this ill-reputed industry.


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