Tips to Get Your Dating Life Back

Top 5 Tips to Get Your Dating Life Back on Track!

Image Source: Courtesy of Family Talk Relationships are complicated; the union of a couple and their love life calls for compromises, patience & maturity-it’s a two-way thing- if you are in a relation then it should be dealt with care and love or else you

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Best Zodiac Jewelry Based on Astrological Sign

Best Zodiac Jewelry Based on Your Astrological Sign!

In today’s era, it may sound a touch unorthodox, but Zodiac intricate jewels and astrological signs can have an impact on our personality. It’s quite evident that astrology and stars are indeed influential in our lives and changing circumstances. Zodiac Signs say a lot about

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Tattoos and Fashion in Pakistan the Raging Taboo

Tattoos and Fashion in Pakistan, the Raging Taboo

Tattooing is a form of art that is perceived as much more than a fashion statement and condemned in many societies and cultures including in Pakistan. The concept of getting one’s body inked with illustrations and diverse designs permanently has always been a contentious topic

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