2021: New Year Resolutions

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2020 might not have been our year… well not just MIGHT, it was clearly nobody’s year lol.

Like every other January with a new year brings some hope for a new start, and we, *nervously* pray 2021 does so too. We hope this year treats us better than its ascendant. On every New Year’s Eve, people all around the world have gotten into the routine of making New Year resolutions with the intent to better themselves in the coming year and here are some resolutions you should consider too. We have listed below some 2021 new year resolutions.

Hit the gym but not to be thinner

NOT-AT-ALL because we choose to see or prefer a certain body type over the other, but to feel good about yourself. Everybody should be comfortable in their own body and not worry about looking like those mannequins but exercising has proved to reduce anxiety, get you in shape, reduces depression and puts you in a very positive mood. Instead of worrying about the number on that scale, or about that dress you want to fit into, let it be more about yourself than anything else.

Learn to let go

We’ve all been hanging onto one thing or another from the past. Be at ease and let bygones be bygones. Learn to forget what hurts you and forgive the people around you (if possible). Let toxic people out of our lives for good because at times holding onto toxicity is more painful than actually letting it go. In order to be at our absolute best we have to be surrounded by good people and be at the best of our mental and bodily health. We know it’s easier said than done but we can all give it a try at least. It’s a resolution and it is supposed to be something out of your comfort.

Start reading

Start reading anything. Be it a book, the newspaper, Biographies, anything. Reading opens up somebody else’s point of view for you and gives you a fresh perspective about something. Reading not only enhances your knowledge about something but is a wonderful way to pass time and a relaxing activity. Biographies are a great way to learn how the people that were the best at what they did, did it and what it took to reach where they stood. Instead of giving away your time to your Instagram or Snapchat, invest it into something productive. Invest towards being more educated and learned.

Try new adventures

We can’t really say “TRAVEL” travel, because hey! The Pandemic isn’t yet over, but try new adventures where ever you can. Try a water sport that you’ve been long planning to do, jump off that place from 40,000ft (with a parachute and an instructor please), run a marathon, go bungee jumping, try snowboarding or archery or pottery. TRY SOMETHING NEW. Anything that you’ve been planning to do, do it this year.

Little acts of kindness

Kindness never cost a dime. A truism that is fast becoming scant heard these days. Try doing little acts of kindness to people and animals around you. 2020 has already been tough for so many people as people lost their jobs, their loved ones, been stuck at home for so long, haven’t been going out much so you and in these dark times you never know what your little act of kindness can do for somebody and how it can completely make their day. These acts of kindness would make you be at peace and that’s all that matter at the end of the day, doesn’t it?

Let us know your New Year Resolutions below!


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