Pakistanis Celebrate Independence Day in Unique & Creative Ways: Don’t Miss Out!

Independence Day Celebrations in Pakistan

Courtesy of Pakistan Times

Following the nationwide riots and sacrifices of our forefathers, Pakistan has emerged as a separate homeland for Muslims in 1947 that was freed from British colonial rule. Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day on 14th august to commemorate the incidents, tragedies, riots and struggles of our leaders, whose unwavering passion and zeal allowed us to carve our own distinctive entity. The Pakistan movement initiated in the sub-continent protecting the rights and lives of Muslim community led by Quaid e Azam (founder of Pakistan), resultingly paved the way for partition in the region.

The British had to leave the sub-continent owing to devastation caused by World War 2, as the New Labour government headed by Clement Atlee decided that it was time to pack up shop as the bill in maintaining an empire became untenable for the declining superpower. This day, reminds us of Muslim’s undying devotion to be characterized as a separate nation and we tend to celebrate it to the fullest each year. The way we celebrate this special day says a lot about our zeal, compassion and patriotism. Celebration of this day starts off from the beginning of August until the eve of the 14th as we can see green flags at the rooftops and balconies of every house. Pakistan’s monuments are decorated by white and green fairy lights. The stalls inculcating the badges, caps and shirts embossed with Pakistan’s flag can be seen everywhere.

As of now, our country is going through some tough times due to the Pandemic and it is necessary to take all necessary precautions while unleashing our patriotism vibes. This year demands a decent way of celebrating Independence Day to show our love for the country. Social distancing and taking care of those around you; should be the pivotal concern.

This in of itself is the purest expression of gratitude and patriotism one can give this year. Pakistan observes a national holiday to honor this day and it is celebrated with government-held parades, air shows and fireworks. Portraits of eminent founders are reinstated at the significant buildings along with illuminations. Youth comes out with energetic slogans to showcase their alluring patriotic side.

Pakistanis have their own ways to represent their love, passion and fervor for their country and we highly admire them for illustrating it without hesitation. Here are the few enthralling ways through which Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day as we all are united via this feeling of patriotism.

State Buildings/ Monuments:

Pakistani government and authorities celebrate Independence Day with sheer fervor as they illuminate state buildings, significant monuments including Minar e Pakistan followed by fireworks.

Celebrations Through Media:

Mainstream media and social media platforms also celebrate the prestigious day of independence by airing programs related to 14th august that elevates patriotism among people. Movies & songs regarding Pakistan and the history of partition are aired to educate people and remind the true spirit of this day.

Car Rallies:

Young generation adorn themselves with flag imprinted tee shirts and resonating badges. They form a car Rally fabricated with flags and celebrate the Independence Day to show their patriotism.

Household Decorations & Dinners:

Family and friends arrange gigantic dinners and gatherings to cherish the merriment. Decorate their houses with flags, fairy lights and astonishing green & white balloons.

Accessorizes Imprinted with Flags:

We observe cart stalls and shops offering excessive range of accessories, clothing & decorative items with flags inscribed on them. People buy these things to exhibit their patriotism, love and gratitude!

Quaid e Azam’s Vision Highlighted:

Reminiscing the statements by our founder Quaid e Azam, highlighting his vision for Pakistan and paying tribute to the leader are vital concerns and our media surely contribute a lot in doing so.


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