Pakistan’s Amazing Fashion Trends Inspired by Punjabi Culture & Style Statements!

Badshahi Mosque

Our cultural heritage, significant style statements and specific artwork, have indeed impacted our contemporary fashion trends and our ace designers have been inculcating the fascinating ancient trends in modern ones. Creating an astounding collection, the merger of the vintage with that of Pakistani peculiar culture depicts their versatility. Pakistani traditional attires have also had that distinctive edge lauded by every fashion admirer. People inclined to modern silhouettes and specific cuts, also tend to admire the Punjabi cultural amalgam to accentuate their aura to the fullest and can be a source of great inspiration for a wardrobe makeover. Bright colored attires, imprinted with intricate patterns, little perky shades, loose-fitting pants, the stupendous yet chic style statements via Punjab have paved the way into our fashion mainstream trends and we are not complaining at all.

From flamboyant clothing trends to household decorations nothing stayed away without a tinge of Punjabi influence on it. We have seen a lot of outfits, jewelry and culture being inspired from Punjab and further become an unconventional fashion hue. Chola & Kurtis are much admired and preferable Punjabi fashion statements that have evolved into modern cuts. For example, modern chola opens at the front below the neck, is closed with buttons and may have side slits, and is worn like a kurta.

Owing to the ecstatic color palettes, striking cuts, exceptional fashion orientations & unusual way of pulling off traditional Shalwar Kameez both in men & women, many fashion trends emerged inspired by the Punjabi culture. Not only do these particular trends gained popularity in the fashion arena but also ruled the modern trends for so many years. Along with this, the Punjabi cultural clothing and tapestries have also been trendy in the International fashion realm and have attained the attention of many creative heads.

Typical Punjabi Shalwar Kameez/ shararas:

Remember the time when dhoti shalwar and Patiala shalwar paired with short kurtis, had become an obsession by all the modern women. It was a trend that was heavily influenced by typical Punjabi culture and designers treated this trend well as they adorned it further by convulsing modern trends.  The cult of wearing long kurtis with frilly lachas completely changed the perception in terms of the traditional fashionista.


Whenever we tend to attain some kind of traditional look, the first thing that comes to our mind in order to achieve those traditional vibes is KHOSA. Worn by men and women alike, this footwear has marked its place in terms of is eastern chicest edge.

Handicraft bags & traditional jewels:

Scintillating handicraft bags, glistering accessories & big bold Tikkas, Jhumars, Naths and Kaleere were also influenced by Punjabi culture and trends predominantly. Many ace celebrities have been spotted wearing such glamorous jewels with sheer opulence & grandeur.

Folk Punjabi songs:

Fashion is not only relevant to clothing but it is connected to our life in every aspect and therefore, affects every field whether it be music or dialect. Folk Punjabi songs have been loved and appreciated by not only the Pakistani music fraternity but also the international stage. Merging the contemporary music tones with Punjabi compositions have turned out to be extraordinary. Coke Studio is the best example to embody this wonderful fusion!


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