Pakistan’s First Ever Virtual Fashion Show

Pakistan’s First Ever Virtual Fashion Show

A Review of Pakistan’s First Ever Virtual Fashion Show & comparing it with digital London Fashion week 2020!

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, everything seems to have transformed and people have come up with alternative ways to adjust to the new normal. Amidst these unprecedented times when everyone is bewildered regarding the on-going global crisis. Engulfing indiscriminately countries from around the world, humanity is facing desolation as the pandemic claims the lives of millions. The worlds fashion arena, like all other industries has evolved to meet the new challenges its faced with and has formed a platform where we relish extravagant fashion collections by ace designers digitally.

Pakistan’s fashion industry has outdone this year 2020 by exhibiting our amazing designer’s craftsmanship via virtual fashion show that incorporated big names of the Fashion realm. Took place under the banner of Catwalks and organized by the finest Frieha Altaf exuding her skills overtly. The event was a three-day digital affair which went on air on Geo entertainment & digital platforms from June 5th to 7th respectively. It portrayed resilience, resurgence and valor amidst these dark times through creativity in apparels and gave us all major goals on how to style for an occasion. It further paid homage to the frontline doctors and volunteers who are serving the nation in the fight against COVID-19.


Faraz Manan, Shehla Chatoor, Chapter 2 by Khaadi, Maheen Karim, Elan, Generation, Nomi Ansari, HSY, Republic by Omar Farooq, Ali Xeeshan, Ismail Farid, Shamaeel Ansari, Asim Jofa, Fnk Asia, Sonya Battla and Amir Adnan, are the designers who took part in this virtual fashion affair. Nabila’s teams curated all the looks of the selected models and stylized them through video calls as models struck exotic poses at their homes or at their designers’ offices. The fashion industry is keen to bring about visible change in the Pakistani fashion industry mirroring the drastic changes taking place in the world at large.

Best Virtually presented collections:

Nomi Ansari:

A classy collection by the renowned fashion designer Nomi Ansari caught our attention as it is permeated with traditional craftsmanship, mirror work and typical eastern vibe, making it subsequently flamboyant and extravagant as a whole.

Hussain Rehar:

Hussain Rehar has outshined all by virtue of his contemporary collection that exudes vibes of a vintage look adorned with pearls and matching bags to go with.

Sania Maskatiya:

Her collection portrays pastel hues adorned with subtle embellishments to give it a fancy touch. To give a tribute to frontliners, the designer kept it super elegant yet extravagant.

Faraz Manan:

Played with all gold hues, designer fabricated the sheer shimmery traditional fit with the edge of western silhouettes.

Shehla Chatoor:

We are deeply inspired by the divinity, subtleness & dazzling expertise in terms of creativity, all together made an astounding traditional collection.


This event had been designed with a mind to rightfully pay tribute to the front line healthcare workers and doctors who are putting their lives at stake in the fight against COVID-19. Accentuating the concept in their respective collections with sheer opulence and devotion, our fashion industry has done an outstanding job. The other purpose was to boost online sales and practice social distancing while enjoying fashion vibes virtually.

In our opinion, the marketing strategy was weak and could not attract the attention of many. Secondly, virtual fashion shows do not influence people as much as live fashion shows. For these kind of shows to uphold their place in fashion regime, it needs to pave its way to a broader canvas.

Comparing it with the digital LFW 2020:

The pioneer fashion show had a very diversifying gender-neutral lens, which was not just restricted to a men-women collection, while portraying all their art work. We did not get to see anything like this in the Pakistani showcase. The collections and art work revolved around gender specifically.

Given the pandemic situation around the world, there is an inventory pile-up almost with all the big textile houses. Creating fashion out of the deadstock was a very eco-friendly initiative.

Another very inspiring thing about the LFW was that the creatives made sure to incorporate a very concerning issue going on around the western geographies – Black Lives Matter –

To underscore their solidarity with the movement that has been gaining much traction recently, the show focused on and used a diverse range of models, including more models of colored skin to showcase their artwork and potential, which sent out a very empathetic message to people of all communities and races.


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