PTA Banned PUBG in Pakistan Temporarily and Pakistanis Have Lost Their Cool!

Pubg Ban in Pakistan

The Lahore High court ordered PTA to ban PlayerUnKnown’s Battleground or PUBG in Pakistan temporarily owing to two young suicides associated to the game. PUBG is an online game that has become an obsession in the past few years and people are addicted to it resultingly. The Pakistani government authority has termed PUBG “addictive” and a “wastage of time” & highlighted its potential negative impact on children’s physical and psychological health.

“In view of complaints received from different segments of society, PTA has decided to temporarily suspend the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game,” noted PTA in an official press release on Twitter. Furthermore, the court urged the public to send their thoughts regarding the game via email before the final decision which is going to be issueed on July 9th. Burgeoning debate on social media has indeed taken the attention of all. It’s not the first time PUBG made headlines for all the wrong reasons as many countries have experienced the similar complaints and it’s adverse effects. Indians are also demanding ban on this addictive game that clearly illustrates the negative impacts it exudes. The game involves violence, atrocities, survival and criminal acts are displayed explicitly.

Social media has been divided into two groups regarding the matter as many people are opposing it’s ban and some are all supporting the decision. The ban on most played Online game in Pakistan, has taken the social media by storm and twiterattis in particular. Two hashtags are trending on twitter mainly; #pubgban & #unbanpubg

People are not that much happy with the decision and also assert that there might be some other underlying reasons behind the suicide of two youngsters. Supporting their stance, many PUBG users claim that other social media applications are also wastage of time and are not productive. During quarantine, as people have nothing to do and therefore, get addicted to the online games specifically PUBG!

Here are some of the memes, tweets and reactions by Pakistanis regarding the PUBG ban in Pakistan!

People are also portraying their thoughts regarding Tik Tok, which is presumably causing distressing effects on society;

Ghulam Husسain


Hunain Ghani

Jul 2

Finally 𝐏𝐔𝐁𝐆 Ban in Pakistan. I wish 𝐓𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐤 must be Ban too ❤

#BanTiktok  #pubgbaninpakistan

A twitterati stated that it’s not PUBG which is compelling youngsters for suicide, it’s mental stress they face due to unemployment besides having a degree;

Pubg Ban at Pakistan

zarakkhan muhammadzai


Jul 2

Blaming a game for your failed policies is ironic.

Students commit suicide not because of pubg but overdose of mental stress they face in universities, unemployement after graduation, and this countries inability to provide equal opportunities .





Another one said that many people are earning money by playing PUBG and banning it is not a solution;

Waleed Sarwar


Unban Pubg Warning sign

Pubg Is A Platform From Where A lot Of Our Youngsters Are Earning And Representing Our Country On International Level , Banning Game is Not A Solution …


#pubg #pubgbaninpakistan #unbanpubg

Syed Qaim

Some criticized the legal system of Pakistan as we have bigger problems to solve;

Sohaib Cheema


Jul 3

History will remember That there was a country filled with Injustice, Cruelty, Nepotism, Corruption, Mafia, Power in wrong hands, Lies, Criminals, Killings or innocent and Thousands of cases pending to solve in court but their Court Decided to Ban a Game



Famed host Waqar Zaka is filling a petition against the decision and provoked youth to support him;

Waqar Zaka


Jul 2

To lift BAN on PUBG, I am filing a petition, in Sindh High Court , I will not allow anyone to destroy digital growth of Pakistan, here’s how you can fight legally for protecting Esports. #UNBANPUBG #pubgbaninpakistan


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