Rampant Bollywood Drug Culture

Image Source: Courtesy of Deccan Chronicle

It is most commonly assumed that drugs and alcohol are widely consumed in fashion and entertainment industry- which is right, to some extent. However, youngsters of today’s era are sadly quite addicted to this blasphemy. Bollywood actors and artists claimed that drug addiction is prevalent in the industry and many renowned celebrities are its victim. Top-notch celebrities have opened up about this on-going burgeoning issue in the industry. From Akshay Kumar to Kangana Ranaut, many celebrities stood up against the drug addiction in the film industry as it is spoiling the reputation of Bollywood globally.

According to veteran actor Dalip Tahil, there are few people in the industry who are addicted to drugs and denied Kangana Ranaut’s statement that 99% of Bollywood is into drugs. A film director claiming the same: “Everybody is into it. Everybody carries it to parties. They take drugs in every party.” Drugs like cocaine are often consumed by ace artists and are in high demand within the film industry. While other drugs that are used include heroin and MDMA.

Not only that, many Bollywood movies have also showcased the addiction to drugs by actors especially Bhang and cocaine which is relevant to Bollywood’s inside story. Movies from 80-90 era have bluntly shown Bollywood stars getting addicted to alcohol and drugs. Similarly, many movies from recent past featuring ace stars, have also attained attention as it portrayed the consumption of high-end drugs. Wife of Om Puri and a journalist, Nandita Puri claimed that she has seen many actors consuming contraband on the sets as well. Legendary actor Akshay Kumar shared a video lately in which he addresses this issue and stated;

“With a hand on my heart, how can I lie and say that this (narcotics and drugs) problem doesn’t exist in our industry,”

Here is the list of Bollywood celebrities who struggled through this blasphemy that proves how drug addiction is deep rooted in Film industry for years now;

Sanjay Dutt:

Sanjay Dutt is a talented actor of Bollywood and people admire him because of his versatility. He has always been in hot water due to his drug addiction. He was arrested for drug possession in 1982. He himself called his nine years of drug life-The worst. Dutt had said once, “from cocaine to heroine, if there is a drug, I have done it.”

Fardeen khan:

Son of veteran actor Feroze Khan, Fardeen Khan had been arrested for possession of drugs in 2001 by Mumbai Police. He was also addicted to the drugs and revealed in an interview as follows;

“Any mind-altering substance, whether it’s narcotics or alcohol or prescription pills, creates a lethal dependency. Before you know it, you’re sucked into a downward spiral.”

Honey Singh:

At the peak of his singing career, Honey Singh had gotten addicted to drugs and had to be hospitalized for rehabilitation. He revealed in an interview that he was away from industry due to his drug addiction. He said, “I must confess that I was bipolar and an alcoholic, which aggravated the condition.”

Ranbir Kapoor:

Talented actor Ranbir Kapoor has been associated with the substance use. He has also played drug addict characters in his movies like Rockstar and Sanju.

Kangana Ranaut:

Ace actress Kangana Ranaut has always been associated with controversies owing to valiant statements. She stated recently regarding drug addiction in Bollywood and went on saying that 99% percent of our industry consume drugs. However, she has been accused of being drug addict in the past by her ex-boyfriend. She also admitted in an interview related to her struggle in overcoming this addiction.


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