Reasons Why You Should Opt for These Beauty & Fashion Brands in Pakistan!

Beauty and Fashion Brands in Pakistan

The burgeoning importance of self-care and make-over among modern women, it is highly essential to keep a few things in mind. Being a shopaholic is not at all absurd, but you need to have the approach towards it-where you should invest- in order to buy products that are worthwhile. There are “the popular names” everyone hordes to, and then there are those who do more than the bigwigs, yet remain underrated. Exceptional Pakistani brands are producing pocket friendly items that are imbued with quality articles and products. International brands in Pakistan attain attention to all fashion fanatics & certainly comes with high pricey tags. Without any doubt, these brands serve amazing articles and beauty products but most of us cannot afford it. To keep your fashion game strong whilst staying within your budget, we have enlisted some of the exemplary beauty & fashion articles available in Pakistan that will help style you for any occasion.

Providing ultimate contemporary fashion hues and accentuating your beauty via grandeur Pakistani brands, you must visit these appealing brands to improve your style stature exponentially. Pertaining to the on-going summer trends especially related to traditional silhouettes, fabricate your personality with sheer vibrancy.



A well-celebrated and renowned Pakistani eastern brand that has dazzled modern women in terms of it’s classy designs, trendy colour palettes and amazing fashion statements. Its unique collections has allowed it to cement its place at the top and became the first choice of every fashion fanatic woman. It happens to be one of those brands that always has a different approach to the market and therefore has seen rapid growth.


Sapphire has captured the market within a short span of time as women, especially young girls laud their fascinating designs and modern cuts no one else offers. Owing to it’s distinctive craftmanship and resonating with the on-going trends, the brand has maintained it’s quality throughout these past 4 to 5 years within a nominal price range.


A brand that exudes western & eastern hues with essence of cultural trends, Limelight is the foremost and reasonable brand to visit if you want to have something out of the box and corresponding with your pocket.

Threads & Motifs:

Class, elegance and grandeur style stature, if you are looking for this rare combination then Thread & motifs should be your pick. Not only does it offer reasonable trendy formal wearables but also keeps its quality up to the mark.



Based on natural herbs and ingredients, this brand has made it’s place in our beauty regimes due to it’s distinctive edge. It provides clients with the right kind of products that are apt for Pakistani skin tones. Its lineup includes natural skin care routine products and also makeup essential for soft dewy skin & for that, you do not need to sell your soul!

Musarrat Misbah:

All of its beauty products are worth trying as they are available for great prices and have long lasting stay. All of it’s products sell like hot cakes due to the astonishing quality of their products and the amazing results they tend to achieve. Many ace actresses and models use its foundation and wide range of lipsticks pertaining to its luscious outcomes. You need to have at least one of it’s bright color lipstick in your makeup box to attain the look of your desire.

Luscious cosmetics:

Luscious cosmetics has developed into a distinguished brand in the past few years and has a variety of products such as lipsticks, blush ons, primers, eyeshadow kits, eyebrow kits, etc. especially its luscious mascara and highlighters are worth having if you want to amplify your overall makeup look. It definitely adds up to your glitz and glam look within a minimal price range.

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