5 Must-Do Skin Whitening Tips You Can Try at Home!

Skin Whitening Tips

In Asian countries, white skin tones are wrongly associated with beauty and has created a discriminatory and often toxic culture that can see people with “darker” and supposedly “unattractive” skin tones to be marginalized. This has precipitated an overwhelming demand for skin whitening treatments, with this obsession for a white tone, nothing but a relic of the colonial era and the antiquated notion that white is supposedly better. Such a mindset serves to belie that over 70 years of independence has failed to free people from an enslaved mindset that associates white with superiority.

Many factors can affect your natural skin tone including dirt, sun exposure and weather changes. As people are obsessed with white skin tone, they try to achieve it by spending hefty amounts of money to get a fairer complexion. It’s every girls dream to flaunt an even skin tone and glowing white skin-which is understandable given the pressures of our society-though we should be teaching our children to champion their skin tones, to feel comfortable in what God has endowed them with, rather than chasing societies mirage of beauty.

People fail to appreciate that darker skin tones are much attractive and adorned with exceptional beauty, beauty that white skin might not project. Despite knowing that, people still drool over white skin tone and find it somewhat enchanting. There are various chemical treatments available in the market that would promise you to attain the look of your desire. What if you can achieve the same result at home? Well, there are many home remedies and natural ways to enhance your skin tone and get a light skin tone.

As you age, you skin tone gets darker, but you can uphold your natural skin tone and make it even by using natural ingredients available in your kitchen shelf. Pampering yourself is quite essential in today’s era especially if you are outgoing and socialize much.

Here, we are suggesting some of the easy skin whitening tips at home to achieve spotless white skin tone within few days of their regular use!


You have to know your skin first before using any of these following natural remedies to get your desired results.


Tomato contains lycopene which guards against UV rays and helps reduce sun tan. If you want to lighten your skin tone, using tomato pulp along with drops of lemon juice would definitely help you soften darker skin tones. Apply this paste for 20 minutes and wash it off with cool water.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice has all-natural minerals that are helpful in reducing blemishes, patches, pigmentation and an un-even skin tone. It helps in lightening your skin tone, all you need to do is cut it in half and apply it directly to your skin for instant results. You can also use it with honey if your skin is sensitive.

Yogurt & Rosemary:

Due to its effectiveness against pigmentation and dark patches on skin, Yogurt is considered to be quite beneficial for lighter skin tones. You can either mix it up with rosemary (a magical help for skin) or use it with honey for best results.

Use these aforementioned masks to get much brighter and even skin tone.

Rice & Olive Oil:

Rice is highly recommended for lightening skin tone as it has plenty of minerals and vitamins, whereas, Olive oil has moisturizing and anti-aging properties essential for dry skin. When combined together they can serve us with astounding results and brighten our skin tone eventually. Apply them together for 30 minutes and get ready for amazing outcomes.


Turmeric is a natural herb that you can easily find in your kitchen closet. You just have to mix it with lemon juice to form a paste and apply it for 15 minutes for optimum results. Turmeric has been used for decades owing to its skin whitening properties.



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