Style for an Occasion

With the emphasis on finding that one perfect outfit-hire a stylist who will devote their entire attention on creating a stunning look that will blow everyone away Style for an Occasion

With the emphasis on finding that one perfect outfit-hire a stylist who will devote their entire attention on creating a perfect and whole look for you
Style for an Occasion

If you need something that little bit special for any upcoming significant event be sure that our stylists will dedicate their focus on creating that one whole finished look to make sure you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Our fashion designers will discuss all of your needs and wishes to style ideas to create that perfect look for your occasion. We will help you source that perfect outfit based on your specifications, body shape, occasion and budget.

Sazz up your style with our expert fashion designers who will share their fashion tips with you along the way and open up the opportunity to:

  • Discovering the perfect outfit for you
  • Sourcing the right accessories that will compliment your look
  • Learning about the best hair style and make up your for your look
  • Discovering the latest fashion trends
  • Learning any and every fashion hack and tip to improve your fashion sense
Style for an Occasion

In the present era, there are multiple styles for an occasion that it might be pretty confusing what to wear. Whether it be a wedding, funeral, or a birthday party; we have various forms of style for an occasion. Hence, today we will have a proper overview of the various events and the type of dresses we can opt for.


The dressing style is an art, and one of the best occasions to showcase your art is the wedding function. Whilst we may be limited as to what we can wear at other occasions, with weddings, we really have the option to shine and unlock our most fashionable self.

Weddings tend to requisite some form of formal wear. If the wedding has a specific dress theme then we definitely recommend you work with the theme to highlight your creative streak.

With women, they should avoid wearing white gowns since our attire should not detract from the event’s star. You can go with floor-length or knee-length dresses. And yes- make sure that the accessories compliment your look!

Tuxedos with dark party shoes can be the best choice for men if they are looking for a formal dressing style. You can also opt for sherwanis or kurtas. Generally, being presentable must be a daily habit but with weddings, your dress must be a perfect style for the special occasion.


The cocktail party is simply an informal gathering and this statement makes people assume that they can attend the party in their shorts. If you want to maintain a certain class and be the talk of the party, then we have a few tips in store for you.

Tuxedos paired with a black-tie can be the perfect fit for men while evening-dresses is suggested for women. The dark color goes with the vibe of an evening and night-time event so if you’re not a fan of black, you can also opt for any other dark color. Women should strive for a knee-length dresses but don’t go for too shorter dresses. Keep it classy!


Your cocktail attire can also be your dressing style for a dinner party. For dinner parties, I would highly suggest you ask the host of the party. Since it might be the case that over-dressing might offend the host while under-dressing might offend your companion.

Be smart-gauge the nature of the event and dress accordingly. Dinner parties can be a great way to bring out your extravagant flair.

Confirm with your host the style for the occasion. If your still unsure then don’t worry and play it safe- go with the cocktail dressing style or try to dress up which suits the situation. If the dinner party is for some festival, then you must dress with respect to the festival dressing style.


An interview is one of the most important days of your life. Also, in this situation, your dressing style plays a vital role in impressing your interviewer. It is the first impression you leave and can say a lot about who you are so don’t waste this opportunity and ensure you make the right statement.

Your dressing style must showcase that you are the perfect person for the job.

If you are confused, then you can also make a call to the HR department with respect to the required dressing style. A perfectly fit tailored suit can be the best choice for men along with an appropriate watch. Women should take care to avoid heavy jewellery and accessories.


A religious ceremony is one of the most prestigious and spiritual occasion. Hence, it is highly recommended that you should be wearing a dress that chimes with the nature of the event. Your selection of clothes must chime with the event and avoid stirring up a controversy with a poor style for the occasion.

In most of the religious ceremonies, kurta is highly recommended for both the genders. Since kurta is a quasi-formal and traditional, conservative and safe option that will help avoid offence and hence should be your outfit of choice.

But don’t worry! You needn’t curtail your fashion creativity-use your kurta as base to experiment with colours and accessories. Plus, the best part that I personally love about the kurta is that it is extremely comfortable and well let’s be honest-it tends to be an affordable option.


A funeral is one of the most devastating travesties that we all have to contend with in life. It is highly pertinent that we strike an appropriately sombre tone as a token of our respect for the deceased and his/her family. Hence, it is highly crucial to choose the perfect style for a special occasion.

Hence black color dress is often the best color for funeral dresses. It is not mandatory that your formal dressing needs to be black but you can also opt for any other color that is in line with your religious teachings and practices.

Whilst Muslims and Christians deem black to be an appropriate colour Hindus find a white kurta to also be acceptable. Women should never opt for dresses that are backless or overtly short skirts.


A nervous and well important occasion. Your outfit ill speak volumes about you so its important you strike the right tone and balance. Both genders should be expressive with their clothes, striking an overall casual, relaxed yet attractive look.

The dressing style when it comes to the first date can be casual jeans and a t-shirt for men whereas women can opt for their casual dress with aptly selected accessories.


In most of cases, the style for would be the one in which you feel comfortable and confident. In the case of women, if you feel more comfortable in sneakers then you do not have to force yourself to go with high-heels.

It is being assumed that women should always cover their body but you do not need to do that at every point of time. Wear whatever you feel like but make sure to be respectful of certain protocols.

Also, for men, the best style is what makes you comfortable but with the right outfit, you will definitely be the want of every girl!

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