The Perfect Tips for Your First Date: Thank us Later!

Tips for First Date

Dating in this era has become quite easy as you can find your perfect match via social media and some great dating applications. But the next step-the real decider-what we call the make or break stage- is going out and is the most crucial one as your second date would depends on it. To ace your first date and to impress your partner at the first meeting, you need to be fully prepared if you are truly to get your date to like you. You have to maintain an equilibrium in whatever you do as you best know that your date will be keenly analyzing your each movement and action and gleaning as much information from this as is possible. The person who can make any date successful is surely “A MAN”, it utterly depends on him whether he would make it a boring one or a date to remember. People are quite nervous at their first dates and why not? Meeting a random person and not knowing what they like or not, it definitely makes one anxious. You have to take control of the situation and bring out the positive self with you to make another person feel comfortable!

From conversations to sweet gestures, every detail is finely noticed at the first date and you have to be attentive of all your actions by taking into account these simple tips!

You better play it cool!

Here are some remarkable tips that must be incorporated in you first date to help it go smoother!

Dress to impress:

Take out your best outfit that you are comfortable wearing and pair it with high heels and resonating jewels to go with. Keep it formal and show it from your dressing that you are interested. For men, it should be semi-formal look coupled with attractive perfume.

Mission stories:

Keep your conversation interesting and long rather than short answer questions as it would be more of an interview. Begin with your daily routine and tell your date regarding your on-going projects. Ask him/her about his or her passion and what are their hobbies and try to relate with them. Establishing mutual interests can be a natural way to get the conversation going. And remember-don’t be afraid of short pauses. It is better to have something meaningful to say than to fill every natural gap with unfiltered blabber.

Where to go:

PLAN. PLAN. PLAN. We cannot emphasise the importance of planning enough. Try to create memorable experience and create some memories with your date that will help light that spark and guarantee you a second date. It could be a long drive with a coffee or you can opt for a public place which is preferable as it would give a formal edge to your first meeting and you can show your gestures in the perfect way. Try to create an image in one’s mind so when she/he go back home they have time to reflect positively on their time spent with you.

Stay confident:

Try to be less anxious and avoid rash and abrupt actions as it would ruin your date. Keep calm, stay confident and don’t panic if your date asks something out of the box. The more tranquil you may seem, the more chances for you to get a second shot at love!

Cues to be given:

When you meet someone special and with expectations, you tend to give them cues regarding your feelings about that person. If her/his company pleases you, don’t be hesitant to show it; express yourself with subtle cues. Cues can take any form from a form of praising to showing your comfort level & through your bodily movements!

End your date gracefully:

It all depends how you say goodbye to your date at the end, whether its rapidly done without any sweet exchange of words or you can make it interesting via stopping by a flower shop and buy her a bouquet (well, that would surprise her)! Hope you find our top tips helpful and somewhat interesting and are better prepared when you next go try your luck at finding your other half!


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