Tinder Ban in Pakistan: The Significance of Dating Apps in Today’s World!

Tinder Ban in Pakistan

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Social media and the rise of the digital arena has made it easier for people to get connected and therefore, find their potential love and dating partner. The pace of relationships have been changing for the past few years, most likely by dating applications that are introduced. But it has been observed that people who date via social media platforms and dating apps, get cheated or ditched more often and their relationship bonding is not long-lasting. The dating culture has changed drastically and people are relishing this facility to the fullest.

As dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Tagged, Skout, Grindr and SayHi launched, people are quite open about using it for dating purposes and it’s now widely accepted in society. Moreover, these are DATING apps but mostly people use it for casual relationships and hookups. There are many profiles that are fake and hide their true intentions and identity on app-which is quite dangerous- social media applications are making rules to use technology-facilitated dating.

In addition, people are using it for other purposes and violating the rules by sharing immoral content on these dating apps. In Pakistan, when it comes to dating, there are certain societal norms that ought to be followed. With these dating applications used by masses in Pakistan, immoral and indecent content cannot be tolerated in any way. PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has recently blocked five dating apps owing to immoral content and released a statement as follow;

“In view of negative effects of immoral/indecent content streaming through above applications, PTA issued notices to the management of above-mentioned platforms for the purpose of removing dating services & moderate live streaming content in accordance with local laws of Pakistan,” the PTA said on Twitter.

There is however a significant portion of Pakistanis that are calling out the PTA for its decision-highlighting the supposed hypocrisy of banning dating apps whilst failing to properly clamp down on instances of abuse and domestic violence. The director of digital rights group Bytes For All Shahzad Ahmad, criticized this move by PTA and stated it to be ridiculous act. He asserted; “If adults choose to be on an app, it is not for the state to dictate whether they should use it or not,” In response to the block in Pakistan, Tinder wants to have meaningful conversation with the PTA; “welcome the opportunity to discuss our product and moderation efforts with the [PTA] and look forward to a meaningful conversation.”

It’s not the first time PTA has banned social media apps due to immoral content. It’s only been two months since BIGO was been banned and Tik Tok was warned to eliminate vulgar content.

Why Dating Apps Are So Important in Today’s Era:

Living in a world where everything is digitalized and people are making money through different mediums. Everyone tries to connect and date someone who is resonating with his/her personality and it might be possible that you cannot find him in your social circle. To get out of your specific circle and get to know different people, dating apps help a lot in experiencing it.

Gone are the days when people had to make compromises even if they did not share the same interests. In today’s era, it’s all about equality and being with the person you are comfortable with. Banning dating apps in Pakistan can make it all difficult for youngsters who are using these apps in a positive way and trying to maintain good love life.

PTA should have rather decent conversation with dating apps’ authorities and give them certain regulations to follow so that Pakistanis move forward along with the changing world & its requirements, whilst rightfully preserving the cultural standards and norms that underpins our society.


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