Tips To Organize Your Closet To Maximize Storage Space

Tips To Organize Your Closet To Maximize Storage Space

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For girls, it’s always a problem to arrange their closet as they always ruffle through their clothes at the 11th hour, unable to find that one piece they desperately need. When it comes to finding the right clothes at the right time, you need to organize your closet accordingly and maximize your usage of space as much as possible. One should have clever storage tips to integrate all your favorite items at the forefront while stocking up the rest-behind and one can nowadays find great assistance through some great Netflix self-help shows like the 2020 “Get organized with the Home Edit”. You must have faced these issues many times, even though you organize your closet every couple of weeks or months, but it ends up inevitably ruined after a few days of everyday use and then one simply cannot be bothered to clear all that mess up. After all-who has the time nowadays? The way you organize your closet solemnly depends on your routine, lifestyle, fashion choices and preferences.

Let’s admit, we all have to dive into our bundle of clothes every morning to get the right outfit for the day and to make it somewhat more convenient for you guys, here are tips and tricks by which you can utilize your closet storage to the max.

Ps. Purchase organizational tools such as wall hooks, dividers, and shoe racks!


Baskets can solve your closet problems instantly. All you have to do is to have baskets of different sizes  (you can have them in different colors). Add your belongings into them and categorize them accordingly. It would help you to find your things at the right place without much hassle.

Swappable Containers:

These swappable containers are quite beneficial in terms of organizing your closet the right way. The clothes that you don’t wear or use much (seasonal) coupled with these containers can be a great relief.

Display Racks:

Shoe racks in your closet would not only manage your closet but you can opt for your matching shoes in no time. Try to get your shoes arranged in racks, as we all know, the right shoes can make or ruin your look.


Life can become so simple if you grab your hands on your favorite outfit organized and hanging properly. Buy sets of hangers-try to buy hangers incorporated with 5 or more holes- invest in those hangers to get the space while keeping your wardrobe managed.


You might not want your accessories and jewelry tangled in your clothes and missing out when you need them the most. Drawers should be specific for your jewelry and accessories including bags and belts. You can also go for fancy boxes if you want to make your closet somewhat fun!

 Make Sections:

Make sections according to your usage. For example, if you wear jeans and tops more, section them separately and arrange them at the front.

Fold Sweaters:

Sweaters and jackets take a lot of space of your closet. Fold them up, put them at the upper portion of your closet or hang them according to sizes.


To avoid rifling through your closet everytime you dress up, label your sections so that you can find everything you need in a blink of an eye.

Tell us your top storage hacks in the comments below.


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