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Women empowerment is the term which is acknowledged and lauded by every country in the world. Knowing the importance of women rights, men have also become aware of the fact that no society can flourish without women’s contribution. Despite the conservatism prevailing in many societies related to women, many Pakistani women stood up for themselves and truly exerted their talents in a positive manner. They have also influenced women from all over the world by their charismatic personalities and powerful aura.

These women have changed the face of Pakistan through their influential views as they stood up for women rights. Belonging to different walks of life, they surely changed the perspectives, norms and stereotypes related to women in Pakistan. Inspiring millions of women owing to their diverse talents and diligent work, Pakistani women have evolved our society through their constant struggle in order to manifest women empowerment.

Shattering the glass ceiling by being part of politics and entrepreneurs, they clearly exude the best examples for all the women who shy away. We can see many powerful Pakistani women in politics breaking the norms and standing tall for the rights of women. The resilience and valiant nature of these inspirational women are nothing short of remarkable.

Here are top 10 influential women in Pakistan, most influential boss ladies, casting charm all across the globe!

1. Mahira Khan:

An astounding actress who can easily be summed up as the epitome of beauty, Pakistan’s proud Mahira Khan has become a superstar owing to her acting skills and flawless beauty and has represented Pakistan internationally several times and made us all proud by her exquisite personality. Mahira Khan has marked her name at the top when it comes to style, fashion and beauty. Not only that, she has always been active on social media and shared her views regarding on going issues in society. She has been heard and acknowledged!

2. Malala Yousaf Zai:

Social activist and philanthropist Malala Yousaf Zai have acquired a status in the world that cannot be replaced. Making us all proud by her wisdom, intellectual views and her profound work for girls have dazzled the world. She has recently graduated from Oxford and building up a positive image of Pakistan worldwide.

3. Muniba Mazari:

“Disability is  the only state of mind” absolutely resonates with this lady, Muniba Mazari who has astonished the world by her life journey and success. Her physical disability did not stop her from achieving her dreams and Muniba is United Nation’s first Goodwill woman Ambassador to Pakistan.

4. Abida Parveen:

Her classical approach, soulful singing and enchanting personality is acclaimed worldwide. Abida Parveen is Pakistan’s living legend and asset by all means. Her impeccable work in music and sufism has made her an unassailable benchmark for all the musicians in the world. She has presented the positive image of Pakistan via her mesmerizing craftmanship and amazing compositions.

5. Mehwish Hayat:

Actress Mehwish Hayat has become quite influential ever since she had been honored with Tamgha e Imtiaz by Pakistan’s government. She is not only an immaculate actress but also portrays a strong aura who is valiant and bold. Besides, she has been appointed as human rights goodwill ambassador for girls. This is what she stated; “Appointed by the Ministry of Human Rights as their Goodwill Ambassador for the rights of the girl child” she said it was “something very close to my heart & I look forward to actively raising awareness of the issues to be addressed”.

6. Nigar Johar:

The first Pakistani woman to attain the rank of Lieutenant General, Nigar Johar has undoubtedly proven to all Pakistani girls that there is indeed no height they cannot scale, no boundary they cannot surmount. Hailing from Panjpeer village, the first Surgeon General of Pakistan with a story bound to inspire any and all.

7. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy:

The first ever Pakistani woman, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who won an Oscars & Emmy awards for her overwhelming documentaries related to inequality with women.

8. Samina Khayal Baig:

Samina Baig is the first lady who became the first Pakistani woman to climb all seven highest peaks in the seven continents in just under eight months. As she achieved this stature, a documentary was made by the name of Beyond the heights. Not only does she use her influential status to urge young girls to climb the highest level in their respective fields.

9. Sultana Siddiqui

First woman who owns Pakistan’s renowned tv channel Hum tv, Sultana Siddiqui has received lux style awards in a row owing to her talents. Won various awards including Best Producer, music production, Hazrat Khadijat-ul-Kubra Award, Woman of Vision award, Nigar Award, the Gold Medal Award and the Sindh Graduate Association Award.

10. Mussarat Misbah:

Mussarat Misbah is an entrepreneur, cosmetologist and philanthropist. She established an NGO to help out ladies who suffered atrocities due to deliberate burning and was the first Pakistani woman who was awarded by the Italian Government on Women’s Day for her courage and commitment.


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