Top 3 Pakistani Fashion Designers Who Made Their Name In Fashion Industry!

Kudos to our ace fashion designers who always bring their best on ramp with elegance and grandeur, changing lifestyles, evolving fashion and making bold fashion statements. Our fashion regime is not coming slow since the past few decades and our work has been lauded by international clientele as well.

Owing to the burgeoning importance of self-grooming in our society, people are quite concerned about the looks and attires they pull off. Exquisite tapestries, luxurious clothing lines, renowned brand labels and fascinating embellishments have become essential status symbols. Adorned with classy silhouettes that are a mesh of modern and classic styles have made our fashion industry surreal and have demonstrated the creative flair of our top-notch fashion designers.

Fashion can say a lot about your personality, thinking and your lifestyle choices in particular. When you are well-dressed and exude contemporary style statements with sheer perfection then your personality can influence many. Pakistani fashion designers have worked hard to attain their positions in the fashion industry.

It is not easy to make an eminent name in the fashion and requires decades to achieve one’s desired status. There are many ace fashion designers who are ruling the Pakistani fashion regime for many years owing to their spectacular designs and versatility. Here we are going to discuss some of the amazing Pakistani fashion designers who have strived all these years to get acknowledged.


Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is a renowned name in the fashion industry owing to his distinctive style statements and also known as the couture king for all the right reasons. He had graduated from PIFD and then pursued his career as a Fashion choreographer and fashion stylist in the 90’s. The designer is known for his spectacular work all around the world.

Curating the fashion statements that were introduced before, he has always come up with something exotic. He launched his fashion label in 2000 that inculcates bridal and formal couture wear. His talent is not only confined to designing fancy clothing lines but he had started off a tv show that grabbed the attention of millions.

His presence has always been felt and lauded by the fashion arena, pertaining to his significant fashion contribution to the industry for decades. Not only profound in serving the best traditional ensembles, he has also done exceptional in western affair adorned with modern cuts and glistering embellishments making it a masterpiece.

Here is what designer has to say about his label precisely;

“HSY’s aim has always been to be more than a brand, to be about a lifestyle. I wanted to create an image that is larger than life.”

Maheen Khan:

As an acclaimed fashion designer, Maheen Khan marked her place at the top in the fashion regime through her progressive fashion journey. Started off her career in 1972, the designer had designed some of the remarkable fits and for renowned ladies like Jemima Khan, Benazir Bhutto, Salimah Aga Khan and recently she designed astonishing traditional ensemble for Kate Middleton on her recent Pakistan visit.

“I really enjoyed wearing both of your outfits and the trousers were a great fit too,” Kate praised the designer.

Her company owns two brands respectively named, Gulabo and Maheen. The profound designer also worked with Nishat linen and contributed a lot in designing the best for the brand. She is recognized worldwide for her flawless work and has organized international events as well. Not only that, she has contributed a lot in the realm of theatres and opera. Maheen Khan also showcased her collection at Milan Fashion Week where she got the title of Coco Chanel of the East.

Her work has been appreciated by the Pakistan government as well and was awarded the Silver Shield in 2014 for her efforts and contribution to the field of designing.

Deepak Parwani:

With a profound grip on his fashion skills, ace fashion designer Deepak Perwani has turned into an institution for all the spurring designers. Attaining a position in the fashion regime against all odds, this fashion guru is opening outlets in the niche fashion hubs across the country. He elaborates his work style as awami and loves to socialize. He had started off his career 26 years ago and working still with the same enthusiasm and passion.

Even though his collection is costly but surely value for money as it serves amazing style statements & creativity intact. Influencing fashion and fabricating style in an immaculate manner, this designer has exuded some of the best ruling trends in the past few years.  He has won over 6 lux style awards and has been acknowledged at the Milan fashion week for his impeccable contribution to the fashion industry.

If you are up for something out of the box and are ready to give yourself a wardrobe makeover by integrating graceful tapestries then head to the aforementioned fashion labels.


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