Top 5 Careers to Pursue for Students in 2020!

Top 5 Careers to Pursue

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Opting for the right career choices requires one to select the correct resonating studying program that would get you prepared for the industries and multi-nationals hiring requirements. While you are a student, you need to carefully choose your career journey that would lead to the contemporary prospects of the modern-day world. As it is of the utmost significance to go for degree options related to your skills & career, it is not the end of road if you are studying something-not that advantageous.

There is always time to switch your path and elevate your skills pertaining to the current situation and what society demands. Getting hired by your dream company and being contented about your professional choices is essential to one’s well-being. If your degree is in demand then there are higher chances of attaining the best jobs available in the market at profound designations.

In 2020, the world has changed drastically due to the pandemic and we have observed businesses shifting towards the digital realm. It’s indisputable to admit that people are prone to earn through fine established digital platforms and entrepreneurs are focusing on this field taking into account the present demand. Not only coming across highly paid, career-orientated and substantial job opportunity at the right time is frustrating but demands patience.

Gone are the days when there were basic careers to pursue; things have changed manifold over the last decade. Technology is booming and we can see it growing stronger with every year as it provides vast job opportunities and people are making hefty amounts of money from it. While digital businesses and marketing are buzzwords still for many; but entrepreneurs are showing their concerns.

Nevertheless, there are many career options in today’s era related to technology, artificial intelligence & digital platforms. Individuals who have a penchant for digital creativity and social media, are preferred by high-end companies due to the increased demand in this field. If you are deciding to opt for the career that is corresponding with worldly matters and are high in demand, here are top 5 careers to pursue in 2020:

1. Health Science:

The growth and development in the field of health and sciences can never be halted. If you are studying related to medical science or any other related profession, then you are exceeding in your career choice for sure. Nursing, pharmaceutical and healthcare field are suitable for you as there is never ending progress and potential growth. Its also a sure way to keep your family onside!

2. Programming/Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has been burgeoning and turned into a vast field that inculcates advance technology & deals with robotics. Similarly programming and coding are also in demand in 2020 owing to analytical thinking, creativity and knowing computer software perfectly. It’s the need of the hour to specialize yourself in it if you have an interest in computers. Web Designing, computer codes and programming are paid significant sums as businesses are transferring to the digital world.

3. Digital Marketing/Digital Businesses:

Changing times brings with it changing trends, as demonstrated with the recent secular shift from mainstream media to social media platforms. Every retail business wants to promote itself through social media and it has been observed that businesses online are growing as expected. You Tubers & influencers have made a career out of this by creating interactive content that attracts businesses as well.

4. Accounting:

To maintain their financial status and to run a company properly, every company requires accountant having degree and great potential. To be one of them, focus yourself towards accountancy as accountants are payed a lot by the companies. It’s better to do accountancy from the UK or China to attract more job opportunities.

5. Software Development/ Applications:

Our lives-now- revolves around applications and we get entertained and facilitate through them. Software developers and application developers can earn handsome money in no time. Whole world revolves around the applications and people use them for making their lives easy. You need to be a master in computer language and programming. Eventually, many companies would approach you to design their applications-maybe even us!

What is your dream job? Let us know in the comments below.


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