Top 5 Emerging Pakistani Talents to Look Out For!

Top 5 Emerging Pakistani Talents to Look Out For

Pakistani drama and entertainment fraternity, has evolved over the past two decades magnificently in terms of quality content, acting skills, improved directions and massive production. Our Pakistani dramas have taken the world by storm and have prevailed as one of the most successful entertainment industries. Illustrating the true picture of society by using the media to the fullest, Pakistani industry has not only entertained the masses but educated them simultaneously.

Furthermore, it’s a proven fact that the media can propagate any specific notion and it has huge impact on the masses as a whole. We are blessed to have endless talented youth, whether it be related to media or any other field. It’s quintessential to use the talent of our spurring actors in the right way to escalate the pace of success of our entertainment regime.

Acting is a profession that could be either inborn or the result of hard work or passion. One thing is for sure, acting encompasses skills, talent and determination that is crucial to make a mark in the competitive industry. It all depends on the talent and hard work to refine your acting skills. In the last few years, many new faces have been introduced in the entertainment fraternity and their presence on screen says a lot about their future prospects. They do stand out as they fabricate their talent with sheer perfection and have remarkable performances to their credit. The diverse topics, challenging roles and creativity demands fresh faces, energetic vibes and resonating talent.

There are number of television actors who have brought their best to the entertainment industry and have the potential to become the next big thing!

Saboor Aly:

Saboor Aly

Very talented & exceptional in her acting skills, Saboor Aly has attained her place as one of the promising actresses within a short span of time. She is the sister of the stunning actress Sajal Aly and often compared to her by fans and critics. Regardless of the fact, she has managed to distinguish her persona as an accomplished actress by giving hit series and won the hearts of millions.

Iqra Aziz:

Iqra Aziz

Actress Iqra Aziz has profound acting chops whether be comic genre or intense acting, she knows how to grab the attention and make a drama series successful. Lately, her on-going drama “Jhooti” made everyone glued to their screens due to her flawless acting corresponding to her character.

Yumna Zaidi:

Yumna Zaidi

Actress Yumna Zaidi garnered the attention of viewers pertaining to her exquisite character in drama “Pyar Key sadqey”. She has worked in various dramas but this drama showed her real talent. In an interview, the actress revealed that she wants to be known for her work.

Bilal Abbas:

Bilal Abbas

In past two years, this talented dapper actor Bilal Abbas has gained much appreciation by his intense acting skills and strong screen presence. He amazed the viewers by his complex character in drama Cheekh and performed perfectly opposite to legendary actress Saba Qamar.

Kinza Hashmi:

Kinza Hashmi

Besides the fact that the actress was inclined towards singing than acting, the actress stunned everyone by her strong performances on screen. Kinza Hashmi essayed the leading roles in hit drama series and conquered the hearts of millions by her beauty and commendable acting chops.


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