Top 5 Extravagant Pakistani Weddings: Here Are Jaw Dropping Pictures!

Top 5 Extravagant Pakistani Weddings

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Making your big day memorable is everyone’s dream and couples strive to make it as extravagant as they can. Following the celebrities who tend to celebrate their events extravagantly, people look up to them for inspiration and follow suit. Extravagant weddings in Pakistan are burgeoning as people are more conscious about their stature especially when it comes to weddings. We all are aware of the fact that Pakistanis are quite sensitive about celebrations and festivities pertaining to wedding nuptials. Nowadays, couples try to create their special moments in an exquisite manner while fabricating the vibes to the fullest by fairytale decors and manifestations. We have witnessed many celebrity weddings pictures on social media curating the newest trends into their wedding regime.

For all those, who are prone to celebrate their big day with sheer passion and merriment. Ladies, adorned with chic eastern and traditional silhouettes. Wedding designers, expensive dj systems and fancy lighting have been inculcated in those weddings to accentuate the aura to the epitome of perfection. It’s not only a phenomena that is being observed in the elite class of our society but also practiced in the upper middle class as they want to go along with the on-going trends. From high profile destination weddings to expensive themed décors, couples are breaking out of the mold to celebrate their big day. If we say, social media is playing significant role in provoking this trend, it would not be wrong.

Here are top 5 extravagant weddings in Pakistan that took everyone by storm owing to their fascinating vibes!

1. Anush Ammar & Muneeb:

Anush was the granddaughter of Senator Gulzar Ahmed who is a big name in the textile industry. This is one of the most amazing destination weddings. They held Nikkah in Badshahi Mosque then flew to Turkey along with the family to celebrate the moments. In Turkey, they utterly embraced the wedding vibes in the most stylish way including bridal showers, Disney nights, concerts and countless celebrations. The wedding lasted for a few months and was imbued with traditional ceremonies.

2. Urwa Hoccane & Farhan Saeed:

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hoccane’s wedding ceremony was quite extravagant by all means. From mehndi to walima, every event set an example in terms of fancy themes, alluring décor and captivating dresses.

3. Aiman Khan & Muneeb Butt:

These two celebrities have always been praised owing to their looks and acting talent. Apart from the fact that they had been criticized much for numerous wedding nuptials, they truly embraced their wedding vibes. People also remarked that Aiman Khan broke the records set by Urwa and Mawra of showing off.

4. Malik Riaz’s Granddaughter Wedding:

Maryam Malik is the granddaughter of Malik Riaz who celebrated her big day in the most fairytale way possible. Adorned with extravagance and expensive wedding décor, famous celebrities attended the event. Barat went on helicopter that makes us all go gaga over this extravagant wedding. Malik Riaz gifted an expensive car as well-the Audi R8.

5. Master Tiles Owner Son Wedding:

Master Tiles‘ director’s daughter and Jalal Sons‘ son tied knot this year and it proved to be the most extravagant wedding of this year. Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performed live at their wedding day the 200 crore + wedding blew us all away.


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