Top 5 Fashion Mistakes We All Have Made!

Top 5 Fashion Mistakes We All Have Made

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Being on point in terms of fashion statements and pulling them off explicitly, certainly requires a good fashion sense. Resonating with the on-going fashion and to don it in your way is quintessential, it’s not enough to just grab your hands-on trending articles- a meticulous approach is essential to make fashion work for you. To make it less complicated for you, we have spotted some of the common fashion mistakes we may do-unintentionally. As our friends and family members might get used to our way of portraying fashion statements, they might not have mentioned it to you. We are, in general, going to show you how you can sport any contemporary fashion statement without ruining your aura. That’s the thing about making mistakes in fashion-you get to learn with time what suits your personality and what truly makes you look good.

For example, if we are observing fashion in oversized articles so we must know that not every article should be worn that way. Depicting a style statement that truly exhibits the best version of you-is pivotal. There are certain fashion mistakes that are worth us calling fashion police! The cringe levels are simply too much.

Let’s admit it! We all have made fashion disasters in our past or might be doing so. It’s time to right the  wrong by simply examining our fashion choices and effectively curate the impressive fashion statements via these following tips;

1. Baggy Outfits:

Don’t get us wrong, there are many articles that look exceptional in baggy oversized looks but they simply don’t work for all of us. But as we have mentioned before, be specific about opting for these kind of articles. Try them on first before buying and check if it suits you or not. Even if you hire a tailor for your clothes, he should be your best fashion friend. The style statements that ought to be in full fitting, it is unjustified if you wear them in loose cuts.

2. Outdated Hair and Makeup:

We all know that you should pull off only those hair style and makeup trends that suit your face features. Nothing ages a woman more than a passé hairstyle and outdated makeup.

If you are still having tangled & not so good-looking hair texture then your overall look would suffer as well. Same goes for your makeup routine, most of the girls go for thicker liner and nude lipsticks-which looks great sometimes. But this trend is outdated now, give yourself refreshing makeup look that lessens your age in no time.

3. Following Trends Blindly:

Known to every fashion statement and keeping yourself updated about ongoing trends is fine. But you should keep this in mind that not every fashion is for you. You need to style yourself according to your age, personality and body shape. Blindly following the fashion is not at all a clever move!

4. Not Wearing Belts:

Most of you might consider belts just as an accessory but it does have a huge impact on your overall look. You can skip any other fashion accessory but belts should be taken SERIOUSLY. Fabricating your style stature just right, fancy belts would make you chic instantly. 

5. Stripes:

Well, if you are stripes lover and can’t imagine your outfit without it so you need to choose the right kind of stripes design too. Don’t ever go for horizontal design stripes as it would make you look wider and bulkier. In contrast, always opt for vertical stripes outfit to accentuate your style.


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