Top 5 Highest Paid Pakistani Actors: Let’s Look into their Net Worth and Lifestyle!

Top 5 Highest Paid Pakistani Actors

Needless to say, the Pakistani entertainment fraternity is permeated with astonishing beauty and acting skills adorned with quality content. The Pakistani drama industry has gained the attention of people from around the world due to its impeccable drama serials, creativity, directorial skills and stunning actors. Not only that, these actors are getting amazing offers from Bollywood and Hollywood. Talented Pakistani actors have also showcased their acting chops on the silver screen and paved their way to even greater heights of success.

It’s not surprising that these Pakistani artists are charging hefty amounts for doing drama serials, tv commercials, movies and even simple scenes. There are certain elements that are considered to be key contributive factors in determining the pay of actors. From extravagant looks and incredible acting skills to fan popularity and star power, every aspect plays a pivotal role in making any actor successful and famous.

As Pakistani actresses are uplifting the standard of dramas by their immaculate aura and talents, Pakistani male actors have also elevated the evolution of Pakistani entertainment industry. Many Pakistani dramas and movies have grasped attention worldwide and earned the actors and producers handsome sums owing to their exquisite characters and illustration of gripping concept via immersive acting. Apart from having good acting skills and stupendous performances on screen, Pakistani actors are blessed with natural beauty that enhance their screen presence.

Here is the list of top-notch Pakistani actors who are the highest paid actors referring to their intense acting, charming personalities and outstanding aura. Let’s dig into their contemporary lifestyles and net worth simultaneously.

Fawad Khan:

Fawad Khan

Talented actor Fawad Khan has marked his name in as the standout male actor in the Pakistani entertainment fraternity. He has given us the two timeless hit series namely Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar hai and on the basis of these dramas, the acclaimed actor has gotten the attention of Bollywood and worked in the superhit movie Khoobsuraat alongside Sonam Kapoor. He charges 2 lacs per episode for any drama and 50 lacs for the whole project & 1 crore for movie.  He has earned himself several awards including film fare and lux style awards. He has an estimated net worth of $6 million dollars as of now.

Shaan Shahid:

Shaan Shahid

Legendary actor Shaan Shahid is a treasured asset of the Pakistani film industry and has worked in a number of hit Pakistani movies. After the great revival of Pakistani cinema, he has worked in superhit movies like Waar and Khuda kay liye. Shaan Shahid is an immaculate actor who has a net worth of $20 million. He has worked in almost 500 films and he is a multi-talented actor who charges Rs 50 Lakhs per movie. Shahid has about 500 films to his credit and is one of the most popular faces in Lollywood. He has staked his place among the most stylish, talented and charismatic actors of our nation and has earned himself love from all Pakistanis.

Fahad Mustafa:

Fahad Mustafa

Actor, host and producer Fahad Mustafa, has outshone in every character that he has played over his illustrious career whether it be intense antagonist or a happy go lucky protagonist. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work and he proves it every time. He worked in various Pakistani movies and every movie was a blockbuster. His famous movies include Jawani Phir nahi Ani, Na maloom Afraad and Actor in law. Fahad Mustafa net worth is evaluated to be $1 – $5 million Pakistan Rupees as of 2020.

Faisal Qureshi:

Faisal Qureshi

Handsome and talented actor Faisal Qureshi needs no introduction as he has now become an institution for all the spurring actors in industry. The actor demands Rs 25 Lakhs per project and has also shown his magic in the film industry and also judges many reality shows. Due to his spectacular performances in dramas, the actor has net worth of around $1 Million – $5 Million.

Imran Abbas:

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas has attained an eminent place in Pakistani drama industry owing to his exceptional talent and dapper looks. He has many hit drama series under his belt and he has done a superhit Bollywood movie alongside Bipasha Basu. Imran Abbas achieved much appreciation and love from audiences throughout his professional journey. Imran Abbas’s net worth is $13 million as of 2020. For doing one scene in drama, he takes Rs. 1 million, which is quite a hefty amount.


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