Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan!

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan

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Cherishing memorable and quality time with your loved-one right after marriage is a must as you get to know each other more. Newly married couples tend to meticulously search for the best honeymoon destinations to make the most out of this period of post-marital bliss. Experiencing the beauty of nature along with your spouse is an absolutely exotic feeling. To make their best memories, most couples plan to celebrate the start of their new life out of the country even though it is highly expensive.

In contrast, you can always look out for alternatives that would be less burdensome on your pocket and you can have the best honeymoon experience. Pakistan is enriched with natural beauty and imbued with extravagant tourists’ spots that are not less than a paradise. Fine valleys, gigantic mountains and amazing sights attract foreign tourists to visit our country all year long. Pakistan has enchanting places to visit adorned with fascinating natural blessings. Furthermore, Pakistan has been ranked as one of the most beautiful countries in the world for tourism and was in fact ranked by Times Magazine as the top tourist location of 2020.

It is recommended to check out Pakistan’s exemplary tourist spots before heading to international honeymoon destinations. If you are a newly married and wondering where to spend your honeymoon tenure then you must consider these following mesmerizing sights in Pakistan. Not only are these sights extremely affordable, they are going to make your honeymoon worthwhile.

Naran Kaghan Valley:

If you want to relish nature with all its glory then you must visit this impeccable sight as your honeymoon destination. Holding magnificent mountains, captivating landscapes, icy lakes and captivating natural sceneries, this destination is best for newly married couples. Located 2500m above sea level, Naran kaghan is a gem and suitable to be visited with your loved-one. It includes some of the mesmerizing sights that attract tourists for all the right reasons; lulusar lake, Saif ul maluk lake, shugran and siri paye!


A blessing of nature, Skardu is located in the extreme north of Pakistan and filled with all of nature’s beauty, wilderness & serenity.  The towering mountains attract climbers and adventurers from all over the world and has recently become quite popular amongst tourists. There are many facilitated resorts in Skardu that would make your visit relaxing and memorable for good.

Neelum Valley:

Being part of Kashmir, no wonder why it is also named as the paradise of Kashmir owing to its enchanting beauty and charm that are a perfect match for the places heavenly vibes. Famous for its beautiful mountains and exotic sceneries, Neelum Valley has lush green forests and high-altitude mountains that would soothe your senses. The fast flowing Neelum river and snow-covered mountains are enough to make us believe that we are standing in Switzerland.


You would be amazed by the scenic beauty of this region location in the north of Pakistan. Picturesque mountains, lush green forests and river flowing are enough to make you spell bounded. Located amidst the mountain range of Hindukush, Chitral valley is enriched with nature’s beauty.

 Hunza Valley:

Enveloped in the Himalayas and Karakoram mountain ranges, this valley is heaven on earth. The meadows, flamboyant flowers and dazzling sights are going to knock you down. Located at the distance of almost 100 kilometers from Gilgit, it’s beauty changes with every passing season.


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